The Biggest Christmas Tree You Will Ever See


The World Christmas Tree Team wrote to me today about an ambitious project:

Two months after the conception of the idea, the Internet community is presented with a Christmas start-up project, which has a surprisingly unusual visual form – a 5-mile-high Christmas tree, composed of avatars of various people. The project is intended for a wide audience and is created in-time for the Christmas holiday season. The project can be distinguished by high-grade, quality Christmas content. Such on-theme projects with special and distinguishable features always draw attention. This is why we are certain that it will interest your readers.

In addition to the (hopefully virtual) 5-mile Christmas tree, you can also send free virtual Christmas cards, and weird (err, unique) Christmas gifts.

Now I’m not totally sure of the purpose of this site, other than to grab your stake on the virtual tree. But, if you have the free time, what the heck?


  1. Seems to me that it’s a scheme to data mine personal information.

  2. This looks like great link-bait (a page that gets blogs and news websites to link to them). Great idea.

  3. wow this is really big Christmas tree i ever seen.

  4. I’m with the attorney. Great link bait.

  5. It sounds incredible! It’s sad that we always have to wonder if offers like this are suspect or not. I hope it goes off without any glitches.

  6. 5 mile high Christmas tree… Seen such wonder would surely make my day.

  7. Seen such wonder would surely make my day.

  8. wow this is really big Christmas tree i ever seen.

  9. Seems like very hard to build such a big Christmas Tree

  10. How much time for the 5-mile-high Christmas tree to be complete?

  11. I think it takes several weeks to complete 5-mile-high Christmas tree. Depends on man power.

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