Today I was reading the editorial section of a local paper. Within the editorial section was a survey asking random people what they thought about the legality of gay marriages. Two of the people answering the survey gave their reasons behind why they thought gay marriages should be outlawed: because the Bible says gay marriages are wrong.

I’m not here to argue gay marriage, so please don’t bring that up in any comments or trackbacks. What I intend to argue is that it is illogical to claim that something should be illegal or legal based on what the Bible says. Let’s start with some examples and use the United States law as a foundation.

The Bible is very blunt that people should not commit adultery or have divorces. Having adultery in the U.S. is not a crime and neither is divorce. If the U.S. law followed the Bible, however, then adultery and divorce would be illegal. The Bible also says that sexual immorality is wrong. Once again, if the laws followed the Bible, then pornography, masturbation, fornication, homosexuality, and a host of other sexual behaviors would be outlawed.

The laws following the Bible could easily turn into a slippery slope, which is exactly why it is illogical to claim that something should be a law simply because the Bible says a behavior is wrong. Furthermore, if every law conformed to the Bible, then everybody in the country would be forced to exhibit ideal Christian behavior. Christians would no longer have to rely on their faith to fight life’s temptations; Christians would simply have to obey the law.

I can see how lawmakers of a particular country would rely on the Bible for some of its laws, but the laws should not all be taken verbatim. Every country is different and even the Bible says to follow the laws of our own government (to an extent).

So is adultery and divorce wrong? Yes. Why? Because the Bible says so. Should they be outlawed? I leave that answer open.