Don’t Let The Things You Own End Up Owning You

Material possessions are a blessing, not an entitlement.

Since everyone dies eventually, it’s rather pointless to spend one’s life accumulating as many material possessions as possible.

People Don’t Change

Behavior can be altered. Appearances can be modified. But deep, deep down, that person will always be the same, for better, and for worse.

Don’t Change for Anyone

You are you. And there’s no one else quite like you, and that is fantastic.

Don’t let others influence who you are. They’re not worth it.

Be content with who you are.

Know your weaknesses. Know your strengths. Rejoice in them.

Don’t Try to Change Anyone

By trying to change someone, you are essentially telling the person, “You’re not good enough for me the way you are.” It’s a gross form of rejection disguised as, “I’m trying to help you.”

Forcing change will only result in resentment and conflict.

Instead, learn to accept those around you and adapt to each person and personality.

Take Control of Your Feelings

There is only one person in charge of your feelings, and that is you.

You choose to get angry. You choose to be offended. You choose to be happy.

Don’t let the actions of others affect your emotions. Don’t let circumstances dictate your mood.

You are in control of your thoughts and emotions. Why give that power to someone else?