The Absurdity of Airline Ticket Prices

Airline ticket prices, at least for the time being, are somewhat absurd right now. The high prices may be contributed to increasing gas prices, and perhaps increasing demand, but the overall height of airline ticket prices doesn’t seem fully justified.

Sarah and I was looking for a ticket a few days back for her trip to Texarkana, TX. The price was a little less than four-hundred-dollars round trip. The very next day, that same ticket was almost nine-hundred-dollars. Granted, the high price was probably due to the Mother’s Day weekend coming up. However, that still doesn’t explain an almost five-hundred-dollar increase in one night.

Sarah will likely not be flying into Texarkana. I will be staying here attending some Government training course, while Sarah tends to her family back home. It will be cheaper for Sarah to drive to Texarkana and back–with me renting a car here at home–than for the full price of one plane ticket.

Here’s a comparison of what it cost a little over a year ago for a plane ticket. Sarah and I bought two round-trip tickets (to Orlando) and a week in a hotel for under nine-hundred dollars. Her ticket alone will cost that much. Crazy!

We were also contemplating flying to Texarkana for Christmas vacation. The tickets are about five hundred a piece as of yesterday. Who knows how high the ticket prices will be in a few months. Needless to say, we will be driving home for Christmas.

3 thoughts on “The Absurdity of Airline Ticket Prices”

  1. Weird. Chris and I few from Little Rock, Arkansas to San Jose, California this past summer for (I think) $360-something per person. But this was before gas prices hit the ceiling. I'm amazed from Huntsville, Alabama to Texarkana, Texas would be so much! But I have noticed some of which has to do with which airport is being traveled to. This summer, I thought about flying to visit Chris. A round trip flight from Little Rock to Victoria, Texas (the closes airport to Port Lavaca) was $360 but flying to Corpus Christi, which was only an hour away, was only $290. Have you thought about landing in Dallas, Texas or Little Rock, Arkansas? Both a little out of the way, two to three hours, but maybe cheaper.

  2. You are so, so correct. I am in Dallas and need to fly back home to Texarkana for a doctor appointment. For more than five hundred dollars, which it would cost when fees are added to the $484.00 cost, I will see my doctor in another 3 months, which is the next appointment I will be able to get.

    Shame on those who could influence these prices. Travel is primarily business travel to/from Texarkana, which is paid for by businesses or the government. Too bad for the rest of us.

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