That's Kinda Gay

When someone asks me an opinion on something, I sometimes respond, “That’s kinda gay.” Or, I’ll simply say, “That’s gay.”

My intentions behind using the word “gay” are not to lay harm on the homosexual community. It’s just another way for me to say, “I don’t like it”, or “That’s stupid.”

A Little Background

I am what some people would label as homophobic.

When I was younger, I was almost kidnapped by a pedophile and taken back to his hotel room to join him and his “friends” (God knows what they would’ve done to me).

In another instance, I was bagging groceries at a grocery store in Las Vegas when one of our frequent customers came up to me and fondled my ass. I complained to the security guard, and the guy was promptly removed.

While those two incidents don’t seem like much, when combined with other life experiences, I found myself having trouble trusting those who enjoyed the homosexual lifestyle.

That being said, I do have several gay friends, some who I hang out and/or talk to quite often.

Think B4 You Speak

Via Twitter, I came across a website called ThinkB4YouSpeak. This site resonated with me because one of my gay friends is often offended when I use the word “gay” in a derogatory context.

The idea of the site is to get out a public message that using derogatory terms in reference to homosexuals reinforces the overall contempt for the homosexual lifestyle.

The website has stories of those who have committed suicide over bullying or been a victim of a hate crime.

The goal of the site is to eliminate this intended and unintended hate speak.

Here’s a quote from the Get Informed portion of their site:

A lot of anti-LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender] language is said carelessly, and isn’t intended as negative or hurtful. Understand what you’re saying, and think about the potential consequences of the words you choose.

Sound Off

Do you find yourself using the words “gay” or “faggot” in a derogatory context? If so, what are your thoughts on the ThinkB4YouSpeak campaign?

I definitely will be a little more careful with what I say. Not because I feel guilty, but there has to be another way for me to express myself more intelligently without indirectly putting down what I consider a minority group.

Comments warning: swear words will be allowed if highly relevant. Absolutely all personal attacks will be deleted immediately.

11 thoughts on “That's Kinda Gay”

  1. I don’t understand why “they” got angry with what they really are. They have decided to be one and they should accept what they will got.

  2. I have a strong opinion of, or more correctly put, towards gays.

    I can’t say I hate them but I definitely don’t understand why someone would be attracted sexually to someone of the same sex. And I definitely feel threatened if it become apparent that another male is interested in me!

    Now I have male friends who I care deeply for – as deeply as I’ve cared about past girlfriends but the thought of sex never crosses my mind. And I would hope that those thoughts never cross their minds.

    I’ve even had male & female gay friends and I believe that those who are truely gay have had their brain mis-wired somehow. I also believe that only about 20% of those who call themselves gay really are. For the rest it’s a matter of convenience.

    Call me homophobic if you’d like but I don’t think I’m being judgemental. I’m just voicing my opinion.

    1. You wouldn’t understand why someone has a sexual attraction to someone of the same gender because you aren’t gay. Also, gay people can have friends of the same sex and not be attracted to them. You aren’t attracted to every female you see, are you? Towards your non-judgemental attitude…you say that you believe gay people have their brains mis-wired, which is a judgement. You think homosexuality is a mistake, an error. While you’re entitled to your opinion, don’t kid yourself by thinking that you aren’t homophobic. You already said you feel threatened if another male has an interest in you.

      1. If feeling the way I do labels me homophobic then I’m fine with that label.

        I’m not attracted to every female I see any more than you are attracted to every male you see – I never suggested that. I am attracted to other guys as friends, but it’s strictly friends with no other thoughts or intentions.

        Look at sex at its purest form and it only has two purpose – one is to reproduce and the other is to strengthen a family bond. And considering this country alone has over 300,000,000 people suggests that the first purpose is working very well. I happen to believe that with gays, the second purpose is broken somewhere. Also I’m not suggesting that all gays hop from bed to bed – I’m sure that many have relationships with only one partner.

        I know and have known some gay men and women. I’ve seen the relationships work and one thing I can agree with is the relationships appear the same as any heterosectual relationship. In other words I believe that your feelings for your partner are earnest. I’m only suggesting that it’s not normal and I stand by my premise that something is wired wrong somewhere.

      2. I was just drawing a parallel to you saying that you can have relationships with people of the same sex without it being sexual. Just saying it’s true with the gay community as well. Also, “at its purest form”, sex only has one purpose-reproduction. You say that it’s not normal yet it’s in many other species and has been around since ancient times. If it was not “normal” how has it endured? What evidence do you have that it’s wired wrong? Or is this just a feeling?

  3. Children are ambiguous…you don’t even know if the person that was trying to coax you back into his room was gay. You assumed he was. Most pedophiles consider themselves heterosexual. I’m sorry that you got molested by that frequent customer and I think it’s inexcusable that he did that. I may be judging this wrong and you said “homosexual lifestyle” which doesn’t sit with me well…so I think you think it’s a choice. I don’t know why anyone would think anyone would choose to be gay and face the ridicule, judgements, and hatred that surrounds it. Also, I don’t style my life around being gay as you don’t style your life around being straight. Last thing…you may be using gay as a derogatory term because you’re trying to get back at those people who wronged you in the past that were gay or presumed gay.

  4. First, I need to correct you – I stated that sex had two purposes, and not one. The first being reproduction and the second is to strengthen a family bond.

    Also, name any other species that has sex within its own gender, other than some household dogs. I’ve had this one thrown at me over & over again and to date no-one has been able to support this claim. Humans are the only species that has had, or in my opinion suffered from long term gay relationships. And you are correct when stating this has been around since ancient times.

    As far as my “wired wrong” statement goes – I have no evidence than my own opinion & short 51 year life experience. How much life experience do you have? And if something was wired wrong inside your head, how would you know? After all, it all feels right, correct? But just because something feels right does this make it right? You and I both know that the answer to this question is “no”.

    Anyways I have biology on my side – you don’t.

    1. Tell me how sex strengthens a bond between mother and son. When it comes to relationships if something feels right, then yes it is right. You say that you have biology on your side, what side is that? You’ve contradicted yourself by saying that you have no scientific facts for your opinions yet say that homosexuality is unnatural. You try and invalidate homosexuality by calling it a mistake, and/or that it’s unnatural in order to validate your fear and ignorance. Because if homosexuality isn’t a mistake, then something isn’t wrong with them, something is wrong with you.

  5. Your last post isn’t even an argument any more. Instead you have defaulted to picking apart details of what I say. You have not even attepted to quote facts, real or otherwise.

    I believe I have made my point with this discussion and you refuse to admit it.

    1. I realized that there was no point to continue. It’s funny how you say I’m picking apart what you say when I ask questions. As for the facts, google “homosexual behavior in other animals”. I don’t think I fully understand your point, other than you think homosexuality is basically wrong. I understand that’s what you’re trying to say but when I ask what makes you think that, I don’t get a clear answer. Also, I just went back and read again some things, you said that the second purpose of sex is broken with homosexuality, what does that mean?

  6. Nice to know I had an impact on someone.

    As far as me being a “Dope”, probably not. I have as much right to my opinion as you have to yours and I happen to think that if you are gay then something is wired wrong somewhere.

    At least I’m honest enough to post my opinion. I’ve talked to enough people to believe that most if not all of your straight friends believe the same – they are just being tolerant of you. I know that my “tolerant” friends believe the same way. Test this theory yourself – ask a straight friend, any straight friend – whats the first thought that would come to mind if his Son or Daughter came home and announced “I’m gay”.

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