Tattoos Are For a Lifetime

Tattoos are for a lifetime and not just for the moment as some people might suspect.

Girl With Many Tattoos

This post was written as part of Peeve Week 2: Misconceptions.

I do not like tattoos. It is highly unlikely I will ever get one. But some get tattoos because of sentimental reasons, or on a whim. Here are some reasons you should never get a tattoo if you have never gotten one already.

Fifty Percent of People Want Their Tattoos Removed

The American Society of Dermatologic Surgery estimates that roughly fifty percent of people who get tattoos want them removed. I imagine this is not taking into consideration the amount of people dissatisfied with their existing tattoo, but do not want it removed.

Parents often warn teenagers that tattoos are a “phase” and that the teenager will grow out of it. Unfortunately, teenagers are in their own little vacuum and get tattoos regardless of parental advise. My advise to any teenagers is to wait to see what kind of occupation awaits after college. For example, it wouldn’t be wise to go tattoo crazy in high school and college and then decide to become a politician or pastor.

Tattoo Removal is Expensive

In case you get that tattoo and do want it removed, it is helpful to note the costs involved. Removal of even small tattoos can cost thousands of dollars. That tattoo that was bought on a whim can mean years of debt paybacks if a loan is taken out to remove it.

Tattoo Removal is Painful

Tattoos are removed through lasers, dermabrasion, and/or surgical excision.

Dermabrasion is when the skin is “sanded” so that the tattoo can be removed. I could imagine this technique would be quite painful since the tattoo is literally being rubbed right out of your skin.

The surgical excision is when the surgeon removes the tattoo with a scalpel. I wouldn’t want this done on large tattoos. So now instead of a tattoo is a nice little scar.

Tattoos are Unprofessional

Depending on where the tattoo is located, tattoos can be unprofessional. Even tattoos intentionally placed out of sight and out of mind can cause embarrassment on wedding days, days on the beach, and other activities.

When finding that day job, certain people view tattoos as being unprofessional. I personally find it very unprofessional to see people having tattoos on the backs of their necks, hands, and other visible places.

If you get a job at Hot Topic, there’s nothing unprofessional about having a tattoo. In other places, however, tattoos can actually prevent you from being hired.


It’s a common misconception that tattoos will be loved by its owner for a lifetime. Unfortunately, in most cases, this just isn’t true.

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with you.

    I think the biggest misconception here is that tattoos embellish your body, make it look more beautiful. And shows like Miami Ink sure don't make it easier for teenager and even adults to see the truth beyond that false belief.

    If someone can't resist having a tattoo, why not get a temporary one – they look exactly the same, with one big advantage – they can be easily removed.

    You're right, tattoos are forever, and if today a person is surrounded by people who like tattoos and find them cool, tomorrow that person can be among a different crowd that doesn't appreciate tattoos and finds them disgusting and humiliating.

    1. The fact that tattoos are forever, makes them so desireble. It shows that the owner can make important decisions !

      1. You are an idiot!!! “Owner can make important decisions” NOT! To me when I see them I think “what is wrong with you?” Nobody cares about your dog that died, your brother,how someone betrayed you, what you went through, how it saved you,what trip you went on, and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on, well maybe you get the picture. I actually see piss poor decisions and you have had zero thought about your future, future of your families and your ability to produce a viable income (this is where all the defendants of tattoos arise) how it impacts heath and heath of offspring (mentally and physically )Or how about Hmmm, how should I say this, . . . . . OTHER PEOPLE? HOW GREAT YOU’LL LOOK WITH ALL THAT SMEARED INK WHEN YOU AGE!!!! HA HA HA HA!! I hope the Chinese are putting all their toxic waste in the ink. Thanks for defacing OUR civilization retards!

  2. On the other hand tattoos can be an important statement and a meaningful reminder about certain phases in your life. I have a tattoo, as do most of the people I work with and most of the people I know away from the office.

    Despite being such a conformist act in current times it still carries with it the idea of non-conformity which is something I needed at that time in my life. I also intend another, larger one, one day.

    These are of course all fairly small symbolic tattoos and not the flaming skulls or naked ladies that some have, so I can't envisage any modern employer, not in Britain anyway, turning someone down for a job because of them.

    I certainly agree that waiting until after you can get one is a good idea, I recently heard from a friend that just got a tattoo having followed that advice that I gave her and is happier with it as a result.

  3. I've seen some tattoos that are really nice and some may be symbolic… my ex-bf's mother has tattoos of 'friendship' and 'female' characters in Chinese. They aren't in very private places though…

    I do think a lot of very young people get tattoo's without truly thinking that it may be a phase and may pass… my friends are extremely intent on getting a huge flag/cross hybrid tattooed on their back as soon as their old enough (simply for seeing it in a movie and it looked good)… they don't have any thoughts about the fact that one day, they might not want a huge tattoo on their back anymore.

    It's also very easy to get a tattoo… Tattoo places barely try to remind you that they're permanent, instead they are very encouraging that tattoo's are awesome and make you look cool! Not all the bad stuff… even if you're under 18, as long as you parents sign you can get a tattoo. Some dodgy places don't even care about under age.

  4. i have two sleeve tattoos
    and a massive design on my neck
    ive never had problems with work
    and im now on over $60,000 dollars a year without bonuses
    so my message to any boy or girl thinking of getting inked is this
    aslong as your old enough
    and sure of what you want
    go get it
    its your body do what you wish with it

  5. I love my tattoos about 9 of them and im not going to stop until my arms are completly sleeved . I feel if you dont like my ink then don’t look at them .If they offend you then im not sorry it’s a figure of my own expression. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  6. yea, So you do have some good points about getting something you wont regret, but what exactly is professional? Are you that close minded that you think all tattoos are bad? Tattoos have been around since cavemen bro…
    alot of cultures won’t accept you unless you get tattooed. Some people get tattoos to remind them of a lost loved one, or a time, or experience that changed their lives… and honestly… I think the pic of the girl with all the tattoos is very beautiful. I know c.e.o.’s of large companies who are covered. Art is art no matter what the canvas. So whats so wrong with making your body more beautiful? And as for people that don’t accept it…so what. I don’t wanna be around those kinda people anyway…thanx….Jeremy…tattoo artist, Randy’s smoke n holes
    New Port Richey, FL

  7. I love my two tattoos. I feel so happy everytime I see them. They are a great form of expression for me. Mine are in hidden places so people will only see them if I want them to. How could my tattoos ever embarass me?

  8. Tattoos are great expressions of ideas, experiences, and beliefs. Most importantly, they are great reflections of character and personal values. I have seen many tattoos that are cool, beautiful, expressive. However, I have also seen racist, pornographic, evil, demented tattoos that demoralize the art. Yes, it is permanent. The permanence is what makes it a very sacred art. In order to avoid regret, you must harmonize creativity with what is foundational in your beliefs and personal values. People who find fault with you at the sight of ink, unless the expression in itself is immoral or offensive, on your skin are shallow and ignorant of what really defines a person.

  9. I’m about to get my second tattoo this afternoon- on my forearm (im female) and I have been getting very mixed reactions to where I’m choosing to get it. some have been surprised and some have been supportive and some think im mental. I am a professional and I work in a clinic environment but I think you have the right to choose and its your body. Besides if you can do it and have the confidence to wear it with pride – GO FOR IT!!

  10. Keep up the good comments all. I appreciate them. There’s no need to re-state my opinion, but I do appreciate everybody’s take on the topic.

    I saw a movie today called, “The Brave One.” One of the more prominent characters had a very visible tattoo on his neck and he was a New York Police Detective. There’s no “moral” of this story, but it’s just an observation I made today.

    Again, thanks for all the comments.

  11. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ tattoos unprofessional tell that to my students. I love my tattoos if you don’t tough. I may not like your hair it does not give me the right to tell you to change it. hair ink it’s all the same, self-expression – where do you get off telling me what can or cannot go on in or around my body. I could tell you to take your bigoted opinion and stick it but hey your entitled to it, right or wrong. I just happen to think your wrong. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  12. Personally, tattoo’s are awesome. Who cares if your gonna regret a tattoo..hell I do after just 2 years. do i care? NO. it’s a part of life im always gonna have and always remember. people who look down on people with tattoos need to sit down and evaluate themselves. those who want to throw religion in there can screw off. a sin is a sin and there is no lesser sin. adultery is the same as marking your body is the same as taking the lords name in vain is the same as any other bad thing you can do. how can you look at a painting and think its beautiful and look at a body and think its the devil? just an opinion from a 21-year-old…

  13. hey im 22 years old and in my 3rd year. i want to go to med school at in OK. i recently got a tattoo on my wrist that is very small and it says LOVE. my parents freaked out because they think people will not take me serious as a doctor and would rather go to the young DR without tattoo then me. i just want some opinions on this because i think its bull. ๐Ÿ™„ although it would be hard to cover it up with short sleeves.(impossible) i do have a lip and nose piercing and my parents are fine with that….? i love my tatto and it will forever remind me of this time in my life where everything has been perfict. it symbolizes that I AM LOVED. Comments PLease.

    1. I doubt it would be a problem if it’s a small tattoo on the wrist. Just to be safe, if you’ve got an area in mind to settle down, you might try looking around, maybe seeing if you can make contact with some doctors out there to see what kind of reaction it gets.

      I have plenty of tattoos, but then again, the profession I am going into and the part of the country I plan to work, there aren’t really people to offend.

      And nope, I don’t regret a single one.

  14. I am trying to decide whether to have one or not – have been deciding for a while now – what to have so does not look tacky – want some cool but not stupid – sort of like a fairy rising out of the mist like mystic looking but not to big not to small – i really like one that says something ?? this whole thing probably sounds really lame maybe should just forget it

    1. For me, i have wanted a tattoo since i was 7 years old, the idea of using the body as a canvas fascinates me. i am now 19 years old and have just gotten an ambigram of the word imagine and a little wing on the side of my foot.
      Before i got one my parents told me that if i wanted one i would have to pick a design and if i still liked it in 8 months then i was allowed to get it. Which i was younger seem very unreasonable, but as i look back on it a really appreciate the rule because im sure i would have regretted all my original ideas.
      If its something that you really truely like, it can wait. If you feel you like it enough to want it on your body right this minute, you should wait and in 8 months if you still want it on your body, go for it.

  15. patricia,

    You can always try a temp and see how you like it. Some of the commenters above are tattoo artists with links to their sites. Perhaps you can check them out. Do your research, but the ultimate person who has to decide is you. Take care.

  16. Well, well , well….this is an interesting topic for me. I have several tattoos and it recently became an issue at my job of six years. I am a professional and we are required to dress business casual. I have a tattoos on my hand, both wrist and several other parts of my body. I had these tattoos when I was hired. I was recently told by my job that I have to wear long sleeves blouses or cover them up with bandages because some of the other employees have been saying that it is offensive to them. Now, I have a rose on my hand, a sparrow on one wrist and an om symbol on my other wrist,how that is offensive, I dont know. I flat out refused. I explained that I loved my job and I had planned to retire with them but hell if I was going to wear a long sleeve blouse or bandages for the next 30 years. I also told them that I was offended that this would be brought up and that if this was going to be an huge issue let me know now and I will find another job. I was told that they would get back to me and to this day (two months later) nothing has been said. I feel working at this place for six years, never disciplined, never late, very reliable and have been recognized several times for being one of the top five employees, that should speak for itself not what is inked on my skin.
    I do not understand this at all, why does society have such issues with tattoos??? I understand back in the day there were only a certain type of people that would get tattoos but that has changed. My tattoos do not define who I am, they are an expression of me. Dont sit there and judge me because I have a different way of expressing myself, just except that we are different and move on. I am still a quiet, hardworking, laid back, single mother of two, who owes her own house, car, and lives a full happy life with or without my tattoos.
    FYI..I am 34 years old and just got another piece done on friday. I have been getting tats since I was 18. My advice is to really think about what you want and where you want it. Think about it for a couple of months. But more importantly check out an artist before you let them tattoo you. I have seen so many people just walk in a shop and say I want this and just let anyone tattoo them. ASK TO SEE PICTURES OF ARTIST WORK!! REALLY LOOK AT THE PICTURES, THE LINES, THE SHADING, THE OVERALL WORK. Ask the artist how long they have been tattooing. Some artist do better with certain pieces, check it out. I am telling you this from experience, always, always check out an artist before letting them tattoo you!!

  17. Why do you care if someone gets a tattoo?
    If it makes the person happy then leave them alone.
    Mind your self. I think it’s stupid to worry about that kind of stuff. It’s part of the person & it is there choice. My lord Grow up people. Mind your self!

    BTW, I LOVE Tattoos.
    I am a tattoo freak ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. ๐Ÿ™„ Why do so many people care about other people. Especially people they don’t even know. I have two small ones (I’m a girl) and have two little fairies (on my feet) and most people think they are cute (if they notice). I don’t like the big ass ones, but I would never judge anyone else who has them.

  19. I have several tattoos…including a 1/2 sleeve on my right arm. I also work as a medical receptionist in a very busy family practice and my professionalism has NEVER been questioned. I am smart enough, however, to know how to present myself in a very professional manor in the first place. Maybe that is the reason why having tattoos is considered “unprofessional”…because not every one who has them also has a brain to go along with them.

  20. Are you suggesting the girl in the photo is somehow less attractive for having tattoos? I think she is hot. Could I have her phone number please?

    You need to broaden your prespective on beauty, mate.

  21. I’m actually the girl in the picture! I also work in the industry as a body piercer, and have my hopes set on becomming a forensic anthropologist. Is it going to be hard for me to do so because of my tattoos, yeah probably. However, tattoos and piercings are becomming a lot more mainstreem. More and more people are getting tattoos, and not just little pieces on their ankles or lower backs. I see people walk into my shop everyday working on full back pieces or full sleves. As far as removal, believe it or not people who are heavily tattooed have taken this into consideration and we realize how permanent tattoos are. And more often then not, i see people getting coverups on old tattoos. I know some tattoo artists are getting stuff removed, only because the piece is too big to cover up and they want to put something elce there. When i was in Europe four years ago i saw big buisness men with tattooed hand and necks. My question is if more people are getting heavily tattooed, in the furture how are you going to be able the distiguish between whether someone is professional based on the fact that someone has a tattoo or not? Eventually it’s not going to matter. Five years ago law firms wouldn’t let women have nostril piercings, and now many places will let people have mulitple ear piecings, and nostril piecings. It’s just a step into it becomming very acceptible.

  22. Hey CupCake. Just checked out your MySpace. Pretty interesting that I have your picture on my site. I got it from iStockPhoto and it’s drawn most of the commenters here through Google image search. So kudos to the photographer and you for letting it out there for sale.

    I agree that tattoos and piercings are becoming more mainstream, and I personally wouldn’t “not hire” someone because of them, but I know a lot of people who would.

  23. you freak how can u say tattoos are unprofessional ive got tattoos on my hands and neck and i got a job in a nursing home there are a few normal people that dont asume your not good enough for job just because youve got tattoos people shouldnt care what u look like only up their own arse snobs like you i might be over reacting i dont really care people like u piss me off and need to keep their oppinions to their self!

  24. ok i understand why people want to get tattoo’s removed, maybey if its say for professional reasons. but most people do get some sort of memorial tattoo or get a tattoo of something that means something to them. ive got two tattoos and plan on getting a sleeve. maybey rather than having a whole uselesss thread about how they are so terrible, why not take the energy you people waste on this and educate people about tattoo removal. atleast it would make them think twice about a tattoo on a whim. if people waste the money to put the tattoos there in the first place they would be willing to leave it there from then on. all i see here are the cons about tattoos. why are you people always so one sided? no matter what i talk about with anyone i always list pros and cons. the people here are to judgemental. if to you a tattoo is embareccing i think you should take your head out of your ass. people get tattoos to be noticed. they want someone passing by to look at there arm or neck or what ever to say hey thats cool. tattooing is the ultimate form of art for the fact that ink is your medium and humans are the canvas. anyone ashamed of themselves because of a tattoo should first look in the mirror and think about why they got one in the first place. when people get dissatisfied with there artwork they often nit pick the small details in it or, they let people like you interfere with what they wanted and absorbe the bullshit you spew out here. telling people what to think about a tattoo is rediculous. and just because you post a few of the CONS here isnt going to slow down the tattoo industry. yes it has become a fad in a way, but people who are to easilly influenced should never get a tattoo. it should be a decision one makes on there own with no influence from friends. they should do research of what they want and make sure they can go through with it. and hey you notice how i listed pros and cons here? im not that much of a dick like the rest of you. now pull up your pants and be a big kid now here people. stop complaining. life is a learning experiance for us all. and if we dont get out our urges, then how can you finish life and say ive done EVERYTHING ive wanted to do? on this note i hope you read all of this and i hope you decide to pull up your pants and take your minds out of the shitter so to speak. and a “good”bye to all those of you who are open minded.

  25. Hi I was browsing the net for tattoo pictures. I have recently signed in to have a tatto done on my left arm. taht will be next March. Meanwhile I am musing.. My tatto will be a bracelet with hearts and tiny flowers in it. What do you think?

  26. I am just appalled that people are discriminatory because of tattoos. I can’t wrap my head around how a person is less qualified for a job on the basis that they have tattoos. Provided that you are competent and educated enough to preform the tasks required your HIRED in my mind. There should be legislation on this issue.

    I am the proud owner of about 13 tattoos. It’s getting to the point that they will become one. I also work in the medical field and find that I am personally a better performer in my profession than a lot of other folks.(even tattooed) While there is no doubt a socio-economic association with ink ( are more likely to see a carpenter with a tattoo than an accountant) No one should be discriminated against for having them.

    Frankly when I have seen people who have been required to “cover-up” tattoos or piercings with tape or band-aids I find THAT to be ridiculous and distracting. ๐Ÿ™„

    Oh, and why do you dislike them?

  27. Uh, well im 36 years old and just had my kids nicknames tattooed on my knuckles in their favorite colors, I also have about 50-60 hours of other work all over my body. Im a union pipefitter and make like 75k a year and could care less if anyone is offended or disgusted with my tattoo’s. In todays world, its like, nobody has anything better to do except get into other folks business.

    Give it a rest, use your energy to stop global warming or something, war in Africa, gun violence in the States, something! Its beyond pathetic and seriously feminine for a male to be griping about tattoo’s being disgusting and a bad decision. How bout this, go trade your vagina in for a penis, and then we’ll talk.

  28. ๐Ÿ™„ Tattoos aren’t taboo anymore. And yes some kids get random tattoos that probably wont do well later on but tattoos for people are symbols. If they used to be an alcoholic and want to remind themselves how much they hurt their loved ones, or if someone got hurt in a relationship its good to remember and will help to not make mistakes. What if someone wants to represent a lost loved one or show a sign of their strength and family pride. What’s wrong with any of that? Traditional people…whoa…get up to speed here. I just love it that people get tattoos and you dont like it ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. ๐Ÿ˜† You know, this is a topic I constantly struggle with as a first grade teacher. This year I was told by my principal that she doesn’t want me wearing sleeveless tops to school because my simple line-work tattoos are unprofessional. I live in FL, am still not used to living in this sauna climate after moving from OH, yet can’t even wear climate comfortable clothing! You know it’s ridiculous the stereotypes about people with tattoos when just about everyone from young to old has one these days. It bothers me that people such as my principal think that somehow this form of self expression depicts me as less of a moral person or less of a teacher. When my kids notice my tats on my ankle or behind my ears, they say, “Cool!”, relate it to someone they know in their life that has one and drop the topic never to be discussed again. No biggie! Well, meanwhile, I finally made the decision to go ahead with a calf sleeve I’ve been aching for and decided I’m not going to stop wearing capri pants just to hide it. So what, you see a few inches of bright colors peeking out of the bottom of my pants. It’s not like the kids are seeing anything that will warp their minds and trust me, at my school, some of these little kids have been exposed to more serious things than seeing someone they look up to with a tattoo. Instead of thinking negatively, I’d like for this to be a lesson on accepting people for their differences and individuality. Some people need to focus on bigger issues and realize times are changing. You must live for yourself and fight if you need.

  30. First of all I would like to say that I have been tattoing for about 12 years now and I would really have to say that the author of this blog should really research the info that is being put out. I can honestly say that at least 90 percent of my clients are professional, mostly nurses and salon owners, but I have tattooed just about any profession you can name including doctors, lawyers, judges, teachers and pastors. yes I said pastors. If anybody thinks that tattoos are for just sailors and bikers you better look again. I have tattooed people 18 – 85 and I can’t tell you the thrill I get when I see the glow in there eyes and the smiles on their face when they get to see their finished piece of body art. people that say they wouldn’t get a tattoo are simply afraid of what it may feel like and obviously to unsure of who they really are to have any sort lifelong commitment. not to mention they will never have that feeling of being different and will always be nothing but sheep in the flock. on another point to say tattoos are ugly is a pretty bold statement and I am assuming that anyone who says so had better not have any sort of art or pictures hanging in their home because the only differenc between collectors of art and tattooed people is that we like to take ours with us. what other purchase can you ever make in your life that nobody can take from you, you will always have it with you even to the grave. personally I can’t think of anything that is going to last me that long other my skin art.

  31. I have 3 tattoo’s. One on each upper arm and a huge one on my back. I am 44 an didn’t get my first till 30.
    I would recommend anyone wanting one to wait till they are older and really think about it. 2 of my tattoo’s took over a year in planning and application.
    I would also recommend getting them in areas you can easily cover with clothes, all mine can be hidden with a t-shirt or I can cruise around in a singlet and only show the ones on my arm.
    Chose your artist with great care and don’t rush in. Be respectful to your artist, heed his advice, work with him and you will receive a piece of art that you will wear to the grave.
    I personally think this site tells the worst about tattoo’s and none of the good side of it all. It feels great to have them in so many ways. The whole experience is pretty radical too.
    One should bear in mind that 40% on males in Australia now have at least one tattoo.

  32. I think if you want to get a tattoo go ahead just as long as your sure thats what you want or if it really means something to you! I myself have two tattoos and plan on getting more i don’t personally think that theres anything wrong with tattoos and no one is going to change my mind on that i personally would recommend getting something that represents your life because its on YOUR body and I have my tattoos and i absolutely love both of them so use ur own judgement and not just someone elses opinion!!! ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ˜† โ—

  33. I have 5 tattoos so far. I got them all in spots that I could cover up if I didn’t want people to know I had them. I understand the problem of getting hired because I live in Utah and I get dirty looks just walking around the grocery store. That’s why I got my tattoos in spots I could cover and nobody would know the difference. I highly suggest putting several months of thought into your tattoos though. I drew pictures, drew on myself, and played around with designs for 6 months to a year before getting any of my tattoos. They all mean something really special to me and I love them.

  34. I am 39 years old, a professional Architect and Writer and I have 3 tattoos and plan to get at least one more. I didn’t get my first ones until earlier this year, just before my birthday. I love them. They are all in subtile (though not all invisible) places, and they are all very special and meaningful to me. It took me until this time in my life to discover what things were going to have enduring meaning to me, and what images could capture that. As I’ve done that, the images that I’ve designed (I’ve designed all of my own) have become more than just pictures that I’m painting on my skin. It feels to me as though I’m expressing on my body, ideas that have become as much a part of me as my body itself. For me, tattoos have become a way of making these other aspects of who I am part of how I look. I have thought through each one carefully, and now that they are on my skin, it gives me a thrill every time I see them. It’s as if those ideas have become even more a part of me as a result of that act of consecration.

    As far as how they affect my professional life, I have recieved double-takes from clients when they notice the more immediately visible ones. My attitude about it is, if that bothers them then I wasn’t supposed to do that job. As Carl Jung famously said about his practice, “God sends you your patients.”

  35. In my Opinion, i think Tattoos are a way of expression. It’s not for everyone and if you go crazy with em you might regret them later.

    I have 5 of them located in different parts of my body that can be easily hidden if you choose the correct wardrobe. You can have tattoos if you like them, but always keeping in mind where you place them. Not everyone thinks about these things and end up screwed when it comes to finding a job.

    Tattoos aren’t all bad. To me it’s art and a way of expressing a feeling or a mark that you make to accentuate your body with an image of something you like or do, coping with a loss or to remember something forever.

    The one making the desicion at the end is the person who is getting it.
    If he is Happy with it, well God Bless him. If he/she regrets it later in his/her years well Keep in mind that no one in this world is perfect and people often make mistakes; From a unwanted tattoo to a nasty divorce.

    By the way, Hot Topic ain’t the only place they will accept you with Tattoos. Ive seen people with full bodied tattoos working in Publishing Agencies and other good paying jobs. it’s not only minimum wage fast food Restaurants nor teenage clothing stores. It also depends in what state you live in or country too.


  36. Ok.. I just turned 17 in September and I’m in the process of my second tattoo. My Uncle is a tattoo artist of over 37 years and my mother has several tattoos all done by him.

    My first tattoo was when I was 15 and it’s a kanji below my neck meaning “Eternity”.
    I got this for myself to represent how when I am going to marry (which as a matter of fact is in a few years) it’s forever. Not one of those marry and divorce in five years. My fiance and I feel the same way and we both know we’ll last until Rocking Chairs.

    The Second tattoo I’ve got is Malificient from Sleeping Beauty. My reasoning is a bit more complex but I’ve wanted her (pretty big too) on my left calf since I was 13. I have MANY MANY tattoos mapped out all over my body. Once Malificient is completed (next wednesday she’ll be shaded and colored in) I’m going to start having my uncle work on my next piece which is either going to be the Eye of Sauron underneath my left collarbone OR Frank Frazetta’s “Sea Witch” art piece on my right calf (again, it’ll be Huge).

    I graduate in one year and I’m beginning to apply to colleges in a few months. I’m waiting on getting inked on my arms and shoulders because I’m not sure on how people are going to feel about hiring a chef with her legs nearly completely tattooed along with two full sleeves and an entire back piece. I’ve grown up knowing the consequences of Permanent Body Art through my mother. I’ve also realized that I shall regret Nothing because no matter what, it’ll be beautiful on my body and everything will always mean Something to me. My fiance is 24 (we’re waiting until I turn 18 to date and later down the road, marry) and he has multiple tattoos as well. He knows how many I want and what I want and couldn’t think of anything sexxier.

    I know what I want in life how to live it and to open my own restaurant, no one has to see the goddamn chef in the kitchen and Banks don’t care how big of a loan I take OR how big my tattoos are as long as I can pay it off.

    The message I’m trying to get across is that if you leave people to their Effing business, they’ll figure out how to get through their obstacles in life. Tattoos being a dilemma are only when A**holes are around. Which means you’re better off going elsewhere anyhow.


    By the way, if you’d like to get into contact with my Uncle, we’re both located on Long Island, NY.
    He’s Little Dan and he’s done Amazing things.

  37. I’m also looking forward to have my own tattoo, that tattoo will always remind me of my son whom i never meet i’ve only seen him in the picture and that tattoo will always remind me that someday i may be able to see my son… ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  38. So I was actually just going through pictures on google to get an idea for a few more tattoos and I saw the picture of a woman with many and I meant to click on it to look at her work and happened to see all of this. I don’t have many just yet, 14 stars going with the curve up my side and a butterfly on my hip. I am 21 years old and I don’t consider this a phase. It’s something I enjoy, I’m addicted to the feeling and the outcome… it’s not like I’m out wasting my money on drugs or something worse so why should I or anyone else be discriminated against? Doesn’t it say in a work application that they cannot discriminate you or judge you in order to get hired?? What someone has on THEIR body shouldn’t concern anyone else that doens’t want that. I happen to find tattoos on men very attractive and mine make me more self confident and make me happy with myself, why is that a bad thing? I will continue to get inked for as long as I would like and wherever I would like, if you don’t wanna hire me then I don’t want to work for you. Case closed =]

  39. I agree with you, Tracy. I’m only a teen and I (as most women) have confidence issues. Going into school and work with tattoos helps me hold my head even higher because not only am I made more self-confident and attractive because of my ink (plus i just got my tattoo on my leg filled in and shadowed and she’s more gorgeous then Ever!). I also agree on the fact that I find my fiance hotter because he has something on his body that accents him Very well. His tattoos are of things that show who he is. A strength tattoo on his forearm, family written in a big celtic cross, “calm down” written around his ankle, a gun in its holster on his calf and a skeleton hand reaching for it above his knee. I dont care if people don’t want to have anything to do with me because I have tattoos. I’m going to raise my children to know that tattoos are a BEAUTIFUL thing and that it’s THEIR CHOICE!! As long as it’s by my brother or my uncle. Me and my fiance are going to be the couple walking around the grocery store with tattoos everywhere that can be seen!!

    – Holly a.k.a. Kitteh

  40. I currently have a lower arm 1/4 sleeve and another tattoo on my right arm and I also have a large chest piece. I am currently working on a design for a full left arm sleeve and then will work on becoming heavily tattooed. I am also going to school to become an Architect. If you don’t like tattoos thats fine that’s you opinion, don’t get tattooed, but keep it to yourself and don’t go and generally judge people because you don’t like it. People that ignore resumes and coverletters and would rather hire a less qualified person because the higher qualified person has tattoos should stop complaining that they cannot find quality employees

  41. tattos have a story behind each one but you need to take ur time picking or designing one i know you have them for life but lets admit it its great value for money.

  42. there is nothing unprofessional about tattoos.
    it’s the way you present yourself.
    and at the end of the day, thats what matters most.

    and to single out hot topic like that, it was rude. having your opinion is fine. and to stand behind it no matter what is great, but you have to watch how you say things. you could really offend someone, and thats just not cool man.

    you gotta learn how to “agree to disagree”.
    tattoos aren’t trash. it’s an art. it takes some serious skill to be a tattoo artist, and i have the utmost respect for them.

    maybe saying this 10 years ago, you would get a different reaction. but i read a few peoples comments and, society really is changing. facial peircings are more common now, where as a couple years ago it was looked down on. tattoos are the same way.

    ya know, and the whole thing about “i’m never getting tattoos, blah blah blah. here’s why you should NEVER get them”- …. are you serious?
    not even necessary man.

  43. well, i just came across this discussion while browsing for some shaded tattoos, Read this: ๐Ÿ˜†
    I am a 20 year old girl, i live in INDIA. I am wrking, doing BScIT and m a DJ and an upcoming tattoo artist. i already have 4 tattoos ,1 on my bicep, 1 on each of my forearms, and 1 on my lower back. and i am planning to get many more…. Tattoos can never br disgusting. wat is disgusting is the way these beautiful expressions are judged… The kind of country i live in….INDIA….. a girl is supposed to be homely. and imagine a grl having tattoos and that too visible ones……. i have to answer questions and stuff and take glances and all just cuz i am tattooed but, that doesn’t make my tattoos less loved or important. Tattoos are an expression of one’s feelings just like songs and poems….. it’s just that they are permanent and on your bodies. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I love and welcome the questions ppl ask about them. but i have a fairly large share of ppl making their own judgement cuz of my tattoos.” well. I CUDN’T CARE LESS ABOUT WHAT PPL THNK OF ME CUZ OF MY TATTOOS… BE IT GUD OR BAD………IT’S JUST MY EXPRESSION, MY BODY AND MY TATTOOS….”

  44. I got my first tattoo 5 years ago. I got it just to get a tattoo but i still love it. I’m currently working on a large back piece that means a lot to me. I’ve also started a large piece on my left calf and have plans for a design on my right calf. I’m 27 years old and I don’t regret any of my tattoos. I believe that tattoos are a wonderful way of expressing that which means something special to someone in a unique art form. Yes it is permanent but that is the whole point. Why get a tattoo if you are not gonna cherish it forever? I love the attention that I get from my tattoos and I’ve formed a wonderful bond with my artist. I do understand the whole controversy as to whether or not tattoos should be displayed in “professional” environments but I feel that any and all careers are a profession. I’m currently battling an argument at work about the display of my tattoos. I work in a 4star hotel as a front desk/customer service position. My guests love me because I do my job well. I normally wear a suit but sometimes my little tattoo on my chest peeks out of my shirt. My employers were aware of my tattoos and my intentions of getting more when I was hired on a year ago and they were fine with that as they consider themselves a “cutting edge” hotel. I also got approval for several facial piercings. Now a year later, I am being reprimanded on my appearance as far as the piercings and tattoos go. What the hell? I’ve removed all of my facial piercings, I always dress in a black suit, I keep my hair and manicure maintained very nicely yet i’m still getting bitched at. I’m proud of the way in which I express myself. Everything about me makes me beautiful. I am a BBW and I am unique. My tattoos don’t make me less of a person either personally or professionally.

  45. I don’t see the problem with tattoos really. In other countrys tattoos are a big thing for them, and yes they may be for looks or whatever here but if someone wants to get one that is there own buisness. That is something that they have to live with. Many people get them for family member that died, to show there beliefs, and many other reasons. Then again this is just my opinion and everyones differs.

  46. I’ve been reading these comments as they come to me and the thing that I’ve noticed is that the overwhelming number of them are from tattoo collectors who are proud of their work and passionate about the choices they’ve made. I imagine most people find this site (as I did) through a google search, which suggests that tattoo owners are more interested in the whole issue than others. Maybe that’s because their feeling are the byproducts of choice and commitment and the negative feelings about tattoos are a byproduct of an abstract perceived cultural morality. My read from all this is that the tattoo owners know why they like them and those who are rejecting them don’t understand why they don’t. It’s not all that different from racism, where reactions are born from undigested abstract fears, and don’t hold up to personal experience. I know for myself that before I got my first one, I was intimidated by them, and part of my love for them now has come from passing through that emotion and realizing how to enjoy what they are: a daily encounter with art and a true commitment to personal expression. For those of you that don’t have them (and I most certainly include our host, Ronald Huereca) I would say that you are free to be afraid of what you don’t understand, but when you project it on to others you have joined the ranks of those who, not such a long time ago, believed that Blacks were dangerous and Jews were evil. Of course it’s a matter of degree, but many things are…

  47. I am closing comments on this post, especially after the last one. It is absurd to compare people who choose not to have tattoos with racism and antisemitism.

    For everyone that has left a comment on the subject, thank you.

  48. I have decided to re-open comments on this post from feedback from the readers.

    Remember, this is my blog. You are free to share your opinion, but do so without attacking other readers and myself.

    I do have a comment policy. Failure to comply will result in your comment being marked as spam or deletion with no warning.

  49. I understand this is a forum for opinions, but then some will agree and some won’t.
    Let’s look at some other things people don’t agree or do agree on, but what it comes down to, is LIFE…live YOU OWN LIFE. I don’t live you you, I don’t live for anyone whom might not agree or does agree, I live my own identity, it’s MY life.
    So Examples:
    if you don’t smoke cigs. you cannot understand.
    if you don’t smoke weed, you’ll never understand.
    If you have no piercings, you won’t try it.
    If you have no tattoo’s, then you won’t fit in that group unless you want too.
    I owned Muscle cars, and worked on them, people had to give me opinions where I did not ask, like why do i put so much time in my car and not a relationship? Well for one, my cars didn’t talk back or go blah, blah, blah when I had coffee in the morning…hey guys…right???

    So, unless you are in a group, to mention perfection of tatt’s or anything else, when one does not have them, that’s like telling me how to raise my kid, when you have none.

    I waited many years to get them, and I hope I see them droop when I am old and wrinkled if I live that long…but I am happy I live my life, my way, not your way or anyone else’s way…except I have noticed I get laid more…maybe because my hair is down my back, long. :0 lol

    Anyway, in my view, I hope no one goes on the attack of the host, he’s the host and should be respected…great site to express opinions. My opinion is not toward the host, just the angry mob that does not like tatt’s because they don’t have guts to live their own lives. ๐Ÿ™‚ tee hee

  50. Oh here’s a good one, our local cops have tatt’s on their neck, I gave the thumb’s up to that officer and said great neck writing. He smiled and waved back.

    A cop, neck tattoo…how cool!!! Like tatt’s or long hair, motorcycles, muscle cars, blazed…there is a private sort of nod, an agreement in a private club without it being a club.

  51. Thanks for the post and the reasons why we shouldnt get them. here are the facts from someone that has LOTS of tattoos. some people will accept you, some wont. some people will find you attractive and cool, most wont. some people will be inquisitive but most will try their best to ignore them for politness. all girls will date someone with no tattoos but some girls wont date you with tattoos. your tattoos should be for YOU because YOU like how it looks. If you want one to look cool then you can be pretty sure you wont get the reaction you hoped for. tattoos will never make you something your not but they CAN hide who you are. all that said, i have never had one regret from any of my tattoos, but i never took less than a year to fully decide on a design. Choose well, choose for yourself.

  52. And I agree with Paul Black….but I never get one so you or anyone think anything of me.
    It’s like when I went to Atlanta on the forth of July 1999, oh I danced, I’m a white boy that knows how to dance, hips and all.
    I jump up on boxes not for anyone’s approval, but for my own enjoyment. I love dancing with anyone that can see the freedom ring in my movments.
    Then my friend from Opp, AL. says to me; “Why are you dancing with those people, and yes he used a word that I will not use, and continued to say, I will never meet or get laid by my types.” Wow….
    I said; “Then my types can jump in the lake, I dance with whom dances with me, black or white, pink or green. My types are not worth my time then.” I sound like Ethal on Lucy show explaining a good deed Ethal did…
    My point, like Pual, do it for you, live your life intended to live. Stand up and pick up those whom fall. Help where ever change is needed. BE THE EXAMPLE OF PEACE & LOVE.

  53. I have a Caduceus tat, which represents the lives I saved when I worked EMS. This is something I am proud of, and always will be.

    1. I should get something to show that I donate money to St. Jude, Special Olympics, Feed the Children….but then that would be announcing my goodness and ruin the karma. Each to her/his own.

  54. Being a professional seems to mean that you fulfill a position; you play a role, perform a function, kind of like a robot, a faรƒยงade. The advantage of that is that the client or colleague wonรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt be distracted by who you are, wonรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt be offended by any particular aspect of you and feels safe because there is nothing unexpected to distract from your function. Tattoos, especially visible ones, especially offensive ones, are no good in that context, they show that you have an own mind and can do unprofessional actions. Its way easier to make money by being a grey professional than by selling your personality. But would you like to be a professional only?

    I like the people behind the faรƒยงade. I like people for who they are, what they have been, and how they evolve during life. I like people who are different and open about that. I like people to have and share opinions, to be interactive, to adventure new ways, to make mistakes and learn from them, to show who they are, to be a complete story of who they were, and how they evolved in what they are now. Tattoos can be very much part of that. I like the excitement of young people feeling hot about their tattoos, I like the way they vibrantly accentuate their appearance. I like the way they chose them to be part of their story. I like the way they reflect who they once were now that they have grown older and numbed by life. They have become reminders.

    But how will it be when they get older? I think that many people have some dream about staying young, virginal and unblemished by life. But life invariably turns young, beautiful, unblemished, insecure and virginal people into old, wrinkled, graying, baldening, saggy, experienced personalities. Letรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs face it: life scars us and tattoos are just chosen scars and for that reason all the more interesting.

    1. Well, it’s funny…I’ll tell ya why I think this conversation whether to get one or not or why to get one or not…money.
      Yes, we’ve allowed the big banks to tell us to make money. Keep the little guy down, work, work, work so the banks become or are the power.
      We learn to put value in the money, not in our lives or friendships or as the Hopi say; all relations.
      We buy flat screen tv’s we are materialistic and put value that way. What would happen if all had no electric power?? Would you be willing to go to bed at night when night comes at 5PM or dinner and no TV, no PC, no Phone. Just books. Wake at 5 am to work together in the fields?
      MY POINT; Getting a tattoo is my choice, because money is not my value, I Am my value. Are you your own value? Your own person?
      As for being old and tattoo…lol well everyone else will be old too that I would even care about. Plus, tech. grows twice as fast each passing decade.

  55. Haha, that picture is of my friend I went to school with. And I think if you get tattoos for stupid reasons you would want them removed. However, I have many friends who have multiple tattoos (like the one in the picture) and they are considered a piece of art. You would not get bored of looking at the Mona Lisa and want to get rid of it would you? The same goes for tattoos.

  56. tattoos are fantastic, they are beautiful… but what I enjoy the most is the process of making it. It’s an addictive thing! I did my first tattoo when I was 18, many years after I had that urge to go and do again… not for some social status, but just the feeling the rush you get from this annoying little needle punching you.

    tattoo body art has been around for thousands of years, and it rocks!

  57. 50%? hmm… “estimated”
    nice estimate since i just read something about this and the percentage was much MUCH lower and most people who regretted it were females who got them done at a very young age.

    it’s just in recent times that people look down on tattoos. past civilizations took part in tattooing their bodies all the time both for tribal and aesthetic reasons.

    there shouldn’t be anything “unprofessional” about tattoos since all it is is art on someones body. that’s ALL it is.

    i do think it’s important not to get them too early (teens) and to find a talented tattoo artist.

    also i’d like to inform you that i’m fully tattooed (full sleeves) and i work at a very professional/corporate job and probably make more money than the author of this shitty un-researched post.

    to the first person who said “I think the biggest misconception here is that tattoos embellish your body, make it look more beautiful. ”

    you’re a total moron. that is not a misconception. people who get a lot of tattoos DO feel more beautiful with them. your opinion differs from theirs but this doesn’t make it a misconception. I might like long hair and another person doesn’t, but it’s not a misconception to think long hair is beautiful.

    also, to people mentioning fake tattoos. fake tattoos are for kids.

  58. Even tattoos intentionally placed out of sight and out of mind can cause embarrassment on wedding days, days on the beach, and other activities.

    Why get one if you would be embarrassed of it? Bottom line its there FOREVER (unless you TRY and get it removed) I love mine!

    1. Inked Princess: I find tattoos very fascinating and have many of my own. But there is this point that your own preferece and life will change still after your twenties and thirties. I’m now almost 50 and personally don’t mind my tattoos, some of which are now over 30 years old. However, those earlier ones are more like lasting reminders of those old days than that they are stll exciting to me. Of those I barely remember the situation I was in when they were made. I have different friends now; people I was with then are long gone out of view. I certainly don’t have those because I like still like to show them to other people. They are just there being part of me and who I was, but don’t have much further meaning anymore. I can well imagine that if I would have chosen agressive or adolescent subjects out of liking them back then, I would have been embarresed to show them right now.

      However, mine are OK to me, and I still kind of like the reminder they present just for myself. I still find tattoos very intersting, fasciating and if well done a pleasure for the eye. But it is wise to consider who could be in the future when you make your choices.

  59. This is a great discussion. Whether you have a tattoo or not is a personal decision, an exercise of your personal freedom. The freedom to express yourself. That is what makes the United States of America an amazing place (for those of us that live here anyway). We have created an environment for personal freedom through economic freedom. Now, the good/bad of the free market depending on how you look at it – is that others have choice as well. So, if they have a predisposition against those with tattoos – that is okay! When you get a tattoo, you have to recognize it may reduce the universe of others that will find you acceptable. On the other hand, you may gain an entirely new universe of people who wouldn’t accept you without one. The great thing – it’s 100% your choice!

  60. I have a tattoo it’s located on the side under my arm. I can see that tattoos can be unprofessional. I also hate being limited by people with close minds and this includes myself in away. We are instilled that tattoos are so bad.

  61. I find this entire subject very interesting and have taken the time to read every post. It is almost 3 years old now and I haven’t heard much from the other camp, so I decided that I needed to speak up.

    First, I will state that I do not have any tattoos and never plan to get one. This is a decision that I expect everyone to respect as I am expected to respect people that choose to get them. Secondly, I have no DIRECT problem with tattoos or the people that get them. I say direct because there is an underlying issue here that doesn’t seem to have been addressed, and is the main reason I feel the need to speak up. Let me explain.

    Most of the posts here are from people with tats that like them. It seems from what I’ve read, these people feel very strongly about this and express themselves as such. The people who don’t like tattoos are, therefore, less expressive in their opinions and don’t feel the need to do so. They may even be offended by the mere act of someone being so adamant in their views.

    I’ll tell you the impression that I get from MOST (not all) inked people. They have a devil-may-care attitude. “So what if you don’t like them, I do.” or “I don’t give a flying F*** what you think.”

    Now, in a business environment, I think that this attitude (or perception thereof) is undesired. Being an employer, I don’t want to hire someone with this attitude. Please, before I get flamed, I realize that 99% of you feel that this doesn’t apply to you, but I’m just expressing what the perception may be from a non-tat’d person — and if you don’t care about how these people perceive you, then you’ve just proved my point. The whole attitude of “I don’t want to be around people who won’t accept me for who I am” is just childish.

    Tattoos can be great, but if you’re doing it without concern for how some people may treat you differently, you have not thought about it long enough.

    I think a USMC tat on a seventy year old guy is honorable and impressive. I think a “tramp-stamp” on a 25 year old girl is just ridiculous.

    1. Steve B
      Thanks for the view. I fully apreciate that you have no tattoos and im glad you dont want to get one. Decisiveness and conviction are good qualities. I have quite a lot of tattoos and I see a lot of different reactions from a lot of different people. I can only speak for myself but people would be very very foolish to get a tattoo and think they can storm through life without it holding them back to some degree. Peoples prejudice may never be noticed but it will always be there, just like the tattoo. I can quote all the usual stuff like “live your life for you” or “i dont care what people think of me” but phrases like these are best printed on tea towels and left in the kitchen. People who want a tattoo need to realise what they will sacrifice. I love tattoos, love them in almost all their forms, but i also love the right to freedom of choice of others. even if that means choosing not to employ me for a position based on my tattoos. Read dutchcourage’s comment from dec 17 2009. he has some good points.

      Tats for life……..

      1. Thanks for the reply and comments. I totally agree with you. Again, I have nothing against tattoos. My best friend got a HUGE one about a year ago and it looks great. But I love this guy like a brother so my opinion hasn’t changed much for him as he hasn’t changed because of the tattoo. You made the point that people need to realize that they may sacrifice opportunities or relationships. I think that was dead-on. This was the main message I was trying to convey.

      2. @Steve, Paul,

        Well stated from both of you.

        In an ideal world, people will accept us as we are. In the real world, people are rarely mature enough to accept themselves, much less others.

  62. I very much agree… My cousin was applying for work but because of his tattoo in the left arm, several companies don’t give him the chance to work with them. He is now working as a janitor even if he graduated engineering…

  63. Not being hired for the reason of having a tattoo is a lawsuit waiting to happen. It is actually a form of discrimination and as a tattoo artist i can tell you that i would be the first to lawyer up.

  64. Some say, employers will take a non-ink person over an ink person, which is understandable, yet one never really lives their lives then. So you have to figure in the puppet value to ones life.
    The other thing too, you can hide most ink, if done right. I waited till my kid turned 18, and we both got the same ink, I was 46 I did all my goals in my life, he’s in a band, we both grew out our hair as well.
    Now I out shine him 4 ink’s to his still one. Soon a large 6 wing angel, mine are the spiriutual type ink’s which is very important to me as Pisces. Then it will be 5 to his one.
    I waited 46 to re-claim my “Identity” not that I minded, but no one stands in my way today. This is whom I Am.

  65. lthough I think that a small or hidden/semi-hidden tattoo on a female does look sexy. It depends on what that is too. If I see something gaming related that I recognize, semi-hidden, that only authorized ppl may see the full view… that gets my attention

  66. Awesome tattoo pictures you’ve got here, Angela. I have quite a collecton of angel images myself but I never have any idea how they can look pretty artistic on our bodies till now! I have my own angel designs which I put on canvasses (I’m an artist) and so far, I’ve put some of these pictures in other media and would you believe I even put them in my own checks that I used to write on? Anyway, great pictures and I’m looking forward to have my first angel tattoo…on…where? I thought my thighs can be my first subject, what do you think?

  67. Most of my family have tattoos and I personally think (with the exception of racist or offensive ones) that tattoos are beautiful and all about self expression.
    When I turned 16 I found one I liked that represented my beliefs about family and also, with a little editing, my individuality and decided that if I still liked it at 18 I’d get it for my birthday. I figured if I still liked it during those teenage years and knowing I wanted to be a copper, it’d be fine.

    I did like and got it on my arm, above the sleeve line – so I can hide it with short sleeves if needed and have yet to reget it. They’re great conversation starters too and I cover it for interviews and such for ‘professional-ness’ just in case the employer can’t see past it!

    Good luck everyone who wants one, just make sure you really like it and have considered it’s placement carefully.

  68. When considering getting a tattoo, it is of great importance to put forth a sufficient amount of thought into it. When one gets a tattoo, it should be well thought out and not something subject to change with the seasons. Avoid falling victim to the latest trends and having a tattoo depicting something that was fashionable two years ago that one may want to have removed now that the trend has passed. Remember, a tattoo designed to be a lifetime commitment. Even a removed tattoo will leave its mark in the skin forever in the form of an unpleasant scar.

  69. i love tattoos since i was at school. i dreamed many times of having atattoo. i got ahomemade tattoo upon my forearm when i was 22 . that tattoo was really badin coolours and not neat .it was about aheart with some arrows and some letters. i loved it and i was proud that im atattooed person . when i became 33 i began to think of removing that tattoo but i couldnt imagine my forearm without atattoo so i wet to atattoo artist and asked him if he can cover it with aew one . really he was very kind and helpfull . he discussed the idea with me and gave me my time to choose apicture . at last i got atree with four flowers which stand for my coming four children . frankly i love my tattoo and my forearm with that and i cant live asecond without that. i decided to go there again ad cover my shoulder with abig one. by the way i work in asachool and no one hates me or hate my tattoo . that is my own body . so if you want to get atattoo dont hesitate its your body and dont let yourself regret about not having anice body bye.

  70. 50% indeed. I told myself if I ever decided to get one I’d have to wait 1 full year, and see if I still wanted it with the same fervor.

    This reminds me of johnny depp changing his winona forever tattoo to Wino Forever. ๐Ÿ˜€

  71. I have tattoos and had my first at age 18. I am now 48. I am also a registered nurse. I have them on my forearms and hand and leg. They are a way of telling people about me. I am a nature lover and artist. I have a frog in grass, a lizard and snail. I know I will have more in the future. It is amazing just how little negative remarks I get. I have a good relationship with my patients. It is though now considered professional. But I choose to show who I am and not conform to what society wants. If they are not for you that’s fine. They are for me. Not everyone likes chocolate either.

  72. I see tattoo as an art and a statement of something but the problem occur when it is used by people to terrorize or scare other people. Personally, I don’t have tattoo but I like having it but not now. Not yet.

  73. I just got a tattoo done last night, and it is the biggest regret of my life. It was really unique, and I thought it was the right thing to do I took sometime to think over it. I let the artist and a bunch of other people talk me into it. I thought it was what I wanted until I woke up this morning with a half sleeve, because I got the whole thing done in one sitting. Just don’t end up like me.

  74. I can’t really understand it either. You don’t know what kind of views you will have 10-20 years down the line and if they’ll contradict your tattoo.

    But even if that wasn’t the case, I just don’t see how imprinting something on your skin enhances your life in any way. There are a million other avenues through which you can express yourself.

  75. Tattoos have been done on people for centuries upon centuries to identify themselves as part of a group, tribe etc. Today is no different. I have tattoos done to identify myself as part of a group. My group appreciates art, leave their opinions open, love nature and like being different from others. If you look at society, similar cars in similar colors, houses just like the house next door or same for whole neighborhoods. People wear suits just like everyone else and women are in conservative dresses or pantsuits. It is as though everyone is afraid to set themselves apart from others. Ever hear women gossiping about someone with a loud shirt or had painted their house purple? Sure we get the flack but people remember us. I believe people are feeling the stress of high populations of people. In order to be noticed you have to be something special, do something really different or have a unique appearance. It is just putting ink in the skin for decoration and identity. If you don’t like or want one, then don’t get one. It isn’t something important to form strong opinions about. It is just decor. That’s it.

  76. I have a friend who runs a tattoo shop and you are right. But I will say that it is a lucrative business and they get paid the same hourly rate as doctors almost. Now if you have a certain lifestyle that it fits into great. But I am firm believer that if you get one it should be able to be covered if you ever decide you are not all that fond of it.

  77. I love how you’re telling people to comment on this without attacking each other’s opinions but the entire blog is about why people should never get tattoos. Isn’t that on the same lines? Ultimately it’s other people’s choices whether they get a tattoo or not, it’s not for you to tell them not to just because you dislike them. (I’m 19 by the way, I love other people’s tattoos but I have none of my own and no plans to get any for a few more years-therefore my opinions are not a by-product of my own commitment to tattoos)

    1. Rachael,

      Attacking (e.g., arguing against, debating) opinions is fine. It’s the “personal” attacking I have a problem with. If someone says something you don’t agree with, such as what I have said with this post, you are absolutely allowed to voice your disagreement. But name calling and ripping apart the actual “person” is a no go here.

  78. I personally am not a fan of tattoos on ME, but my mom is a supervisor for a very large organization and has two. One of those tattoos is very visible on her wrist. She’s considered getting it removed, but, she has yet to do so. Anyway, interesting discussion. I’m glad I found this blog. I plan to lurk around a bit more.

  79. I agree with this post! It is important not to get a tattoo as a young teenager, before you even have considered your future. Getting a tattoo for a sentimental reason is different, because it will always mean something to you. Thank you for this post!

    Tattoo Removal Modesto

  80. My group appreciates art, leave their opinions open, love nature and like being different from others. If you look at society, similar cars in similar colors, houses just like the house next door or same for whole neighborhoods. People wear suits just like everyone else and women are in conservative dresses or pantsuits. It is as though everyone is afraid to set themselves apart from others.

  81. I canโ€™t really recognize it both. You never understand what kind of views you should have 10-20 a long time down the line and when theyโ€™ll contradict your tattoo.

  82. I cannot truly recognize it possibly. You really do not know what type of views you should have 10-20 years down the line and if theyโ€™ll contradict your tattoo.

  83. Hi Ron,

    I am not a tattoo person either. I just don’t get why people would want to color on their skin permanently.

    One thing I heard however is that tattoo are addictive! Once you get a small one, you want another one, and then another one. You cannot stop.


    1. Why do you hang pictures in your home? Why do you display pictures in your office or play your music in public or speak your opinion within the hearing of others, or drive the type of car that you drive or wear the particular clothing you wear? People may think your home in bad taste, your children ugly, your music noise, your car boring etc. It’s all self expression. However I will agree teenagers are too young and dumb to understand the permanance and perception. Like any other decision in life tattoos should be well thought out and hold a true meaning to the person getting it engraved into their skin with a sharp needle. All tattoos should hold a personal and everlasting connection to the heart and mind. Sound cooky? Eh i suppose but still no less true. Anything done with the heart is done in the spirit of true beauty and therefore body art is by default beautifuly….now for those dumba$$e$ that want to get inked up cuz it looks “hot”….remember you are going to get old some day and what looks hot now aint gonna look hot in 30 yrs…..does it mean that much too you?

  84. Tattoos…. eh nothing to get sad over. Just ink in the skin. Won’t kill ya. Life is too easy for ya if a tattoo can ruin your day.

  85. linda L Robichaud

    i have 2 tattoos i like very much put on in the 90’s they still have good colour by putting creams and oils on them. placing on the body where you can show them or not is important to do.

  86. I’ve been thinking of getting 3 falling maple leaves on my elbow/arm, quite small, but I’m still hesitating. They would represent those who have died for Canada so that we can live the way we do, and also just a reminder that this is a really great country and too many people take it for granted. Being a part-time military member, this is something very close to me. However my views change in the future, one thing will never change, and that’s my past: I was born and raised in Canada, it has shaped me, and that can’t change even if I leave the country forever tomorrow.

    I don’t want to put it somewhere it can’t be seen, I want people to know where I’m from and that I’m proud of it. The only thing is, I’m in university now, hoping to enter the professional world (maybe even as a professor), and I’m not sure how employers will see it. I guess the prejudice scares the crap out of me. What do you all think of this? Will I regret it?

  87. i’m planning to have a tattoo, but i’m still thinking if i really have to or not. reading your article made me think thrice.

  88. I am a woman with several tattoos, very visible. Iy was my husband whp wanted it. How I ended up with them is my business.
    They are very offensive to me…!
    But how can they be offencive to YOU ???
    It is absoluyely none of your business, so get the hell out of my space !!
    Flota Julia.

  89. My situation as much like that of Flora Julia here.
    My husband and I have been together for many years, already in high school ! He loves tattoos and I hate them !
    We do everything together and I can’t imagine life without him.
    We work together and we party together.
    Yet he took advantage of me when I was passed out from to much indulgence.
    When I woke up the next day and looked in the mirror I discovered to my horror that both my upper arms had been tattooed !
    It took me years to get used to it just a little bit.
    My husband loves it and kicks on it. He touches them regularly and kisses them them, when he gets the chance. It is a sensual thing for him.
    Now he told me he wants me to get more tattoos…
    I don’t know what to do ! Get tattooed for him or refuse again and fear partying again ?
    Any advice or ideas ?

  90. People with tattoos dont judge people without tattoos. Learn to be respectful of peoples choices tattoos are not a joke and some of us take them extremely serious.

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