Taking a Simple "I have to go" Out of Context

When someone has to go, let him/her go. Don't take it personal.

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This post was written as part of Peeve Week 2: Misconceptions.

Ever had a conversation like the one below?

Roger (aka, friend’s fake name): “and he fell off the bike and started looking around!”
Bes: “hahahahaha!”
Roger: “:D”
Bes: “haha! that’s funny! lol. Ok sorry listen, I have to go for a few minutes, be back soon. Have to do some errands.”
Roger: “0_o”
Bes: “Yes”
Roger: “Am I boring you?”
Bes: “No, not at all! :O I’ll be back soon, have to do some stupid things that I almost forgot about. Why do you ask?”
Roger: “Oh nothing, just wondering since it seems so sudden that you’re leaving.”

How do you respond to such a person on an instant messenger? It depends on what the entire conversation was, and not just the last part. Everyday I talk to some people who get offended simply because I say “I have to go.” These people do not want me to leave.

Here is what they are probably thinking:

Bes is laughing, and Bes is listening. Bes is mine! I’m sure I know Bes doesn’t have an offline life! Heck, I don’t! Even if I did, I prefer keeping Bes on the hook than doing anything offline! Wow, the joke is really funny, Bes’s cracking up! HAHAHAHAHA!

Hmmmm, Bes has to go for a few minutes? Errands? What kind of bullshit excuse is that? Why the hell was I told I was funny when Bes simply wants to run away? Damn, this is just like everyday, when I tell a lot of jokes for hours to Bes, in the end, Bes just wants to leave. I don’t want Bes to leave. I don’t want anyone to leave my conversation windows until I leave, DAMNIT! This is my conversation, my rules.

Also, we all know what happens when Bes says “a few minutes“; minutes turn into hours or even days! Who gives a CRAP that Bes is actually saying minutes because Bes is really interested in coming back soon and continue listening to me. Damn Bes! That’s it! New nickname for Bes = DAMN BES [DB]. Why do people just leave at the end of a conversation? Why do conversations with both close friends and strangers always have to come to a stop after hours of talking? I just don’t freakin’ get it!

Oh well. Time to log off.

Bes Zain spends his time cruising the streets of Berkeley for squirrels and reason. He currently writes for The Reasoner and the Reader Appreciation Project.

3 thoughts on “Taking a Simple "I have to go" Out of Context”

  1. LOL. At least you had a nice conversation before… I hate when I'm in the middle of telling a story, or saying something relatively important about myself/my feelings… and the person leaves. I feel cut off, though I know perhaps they have something important to do… It's worse if they leave with no warning. = Jess crying in the corner… LOL just kidding.

    Although, sometimes when you talk to someone really interesting… it really does suck that the conversation has to end, but hey, SOMEONE has to end it eventually yeah?

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