I got tagged by Circle Six Blog. Here are the five reasons why I blog.

To Voice my Opinion

For those who have been reading this blog for a while, you have probably figured out that I have an opinion on just about everything. If I find something that I want to share a unique viewpoint on, I write about it. Sometimes I’ll write about a three-week old story just so I can get all of the details and not make a rash viewpoint.

I also like voicing my opinion on religion as well. I try to keep my opinions as objective as possible though.

To Give Back

I have a lot of web development and programming experience, so sometimes I like to give back to the community. I’ve written several articles for the design community, and have also written a few scripts and one WordPress plugin.

I also like writing about my personal experiences with things. For example, two of my post popular (or most viewed) articles on this site are a post about magazine sales people and my attempt to quit smoking.

To Write about Christian Things

I am a Christian, so I like to use my blog to write about the Christian religion every now and then. I do not try to “preach”, but I do try to inform.

To Connect

I have met so many people through blogging. I don’t feel confined to just Northern Alabama anymore. I know people in India, Great Britain, Canada, San Francisco, Missouri, Minnesota, Montana, Germany, and Australia among other places.

With blogging, I feel like I’m getting to know people better.

To Feel Satisfaction

Blogging can be one of the most satisfying hobbies a person can have. You typically have instant feedback from others if the blog is popular enough. If I write a post and just one person is helped out by it, then the time and effort spent researching and writing is worth it.

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