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A Norwegian Domino's

I snapped this a few days ago. It’s a picture of a Norwegian version of Domino’s pizza (based in the U.S.). They have no affiliation.

The locals tell me the pizza is crap, just like the U.S. version.

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Old-Style Tram in Oslo, Norway

Today while walking home, I saw an old-style tram traveling along the tram tracks. Here are a few pictures I took. Enjoy.

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Holmenkollbakken Ski Jump and Akershus Fortress

Last week I decided to see two tourist attractions in Oslo, Norway: Holmenkollbakken Ski Jump and Akershus Fortress

Below are Flickr slideshows for both visits.

Holmenkollbakken Ski Jump

If you are on a mobile, the slideshow can be viewed on Flickr.

Akershus Fortress

Akerhus Fortress is very visible from the Aker Brygge area and is a neat place to visit.

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Small Cars in Norway

When I first arrived to Norway in November of 2011, I was in immense culture shock. One thing that still intrigues me is the size of the vehicles here. I almost felt like I was in a Jason Bourne movie (well, without all the fighting, gun shots, and the hot German woman from Run Lola Run).

Here’s a small gallery (which I add to from time to time) of the small cars I’ve found in Norway (for those on mobile phones, here’s a direct link).

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Rainbow over Grünerløkka, Oslo, Norway

I'm in Norway

This post has been a long time coming, but I’ve moved to Oslo, Norway. Why a long time coming? Well, I’ve been here off and on since November of 2011.

How I got here is a rather long story, but let’s just say the opportunity arose, and I jumped on it.

Welcome to Norway…

I’ve grown up in various climates. When I was a kid, I lived in snowy Tonapah, Nevada.

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