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Psychiatric Care in the United States

My friend Pauli weighs in on what psychiatric care ends up costing in the United States. God forbid if you need hospitalization.

Medical Insurance Coverage

Mental health insurance coverage is much more limited than standard medical, which generally involves an out of pocket co-pay for “in network providers” of $15 to $25 for an office visit. Most annual lab tests are covered in full, while certain procedures may require a 20% co-insurance payment or go towards an annual deductible which can run anywhere from $500 to $5,000.

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Schizophrenia or Public Intoxication?

A schizophrenic man had somehow wandered onto a locked campus. Once on the campus, it was impossible to get out unless by escort.

Confused and delusional, the man grabbed the arm of a passerby wanting help. The person clamored for the building seeking refuge from the man.

The cops were called. An expert in mental health informed the cops that the person was delusional and was a sufferer of schizophrenia.

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One of the biggest weaknesses I have is emotional immaturity. I tend to react quickly and harsh, but I have learned to turn this weakness into a strength (through the help of behavioral therapy, any negative aspect of life can be “spun” into being positive).

When someone is having any emotional reaction (e.g., happy, sad), he is in a virtual bubble (think Bubble Boy, but without the shitty plot).

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