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10 Signs You’re a Rockstar at Karaoke

Everybody wants to be a rockstar, correct? Well, karaoke is a good outlet. Here are ten ways you can be a rockstar at karaoke.

You Know Your Song Inside and out

Let’s face it. Karaoke is hard. But you’ve researched your song, listened to a karaoke version on YouTube, or perhaps you’ve tried it on Smule.

You’ve got the lyric timing, and highs, the lows, and maybe practice your fake guitar skills during guitar solos.

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17 Signs You’re a Douche at Karaoke

In my previous post, I highlighted the ten ways a KJ is a douche at karaoke.

I was asked to follow-up with ways a patron could be a douche and the response was overwhelming.

It’s definitely possible to be a douche at karaoke towards the KJ, whether it’s mic grabbing or being disrespectful to the singers. Here are 17 signs you’re a douche at karaoke.

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10 Signs Your Karaoke DJ is a Douche

Please read the previous in this series: Tips for a New Karaoke Singer and Things a KJ May Not Tell You.

Getting up there and singing Karaoke is hard. Do you remember your first time? It was likely very intimidating.

But have you ever left a karaoke show and thought: “Wow, that KJ was a douche!” Well behold, you are not alone.

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Sing! by Smule – Review, Tips, and a Wishlist

Sing! by Smule is one of those apps I wish I had stumbled upon ages ago. I stumbled upon the app by accident. I was trying out beatbox type apps to test my non-existent rapping skills and Sing! was one of the recommended apps to try out during my search. It was “free”, so I decided to give it a go.

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Tips for a New Karaoke Singer

Read the first in this series: Things a KJ May or May Not Tell You

Karaoke is hard! Very hard! If you remember the first time you performed a song in front of strangers, it was a terrifying experience.

Here are some new singer karaoke tips to help you along the way.

Singing Karaoke is Scary as Fuck

I remember my first time singing karaoke.

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Things a Karaoke DJ (KJ) May or May Not Tell You

Please read a follow-up post: Tips for a New Karaoke Singer

I’ve been to hundreds of Karaoke shows all over the country and in Europe. Each one is different, run by many different kinds of people, but the person behind the show (the Karaoke host or Karaoke DJ — I usually call them a KJ) is always consistent.

Here are things the Karaoke DJ may or may not tell you, based on my many experiences and (gasp) talking to some of them.

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