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Asshole Tax Proof Received

I’ve been working very hard over the last few months to make my 2nd book, Asshole Tax, a reality.

The book is non-fiction, and is a semi-autobiographical take on the movie Fight Club.

I recently received the proof (today actually!), so it is only a matter of weeks before this thing is released to everyone.

It is already available for digital download at https://assholetax.es.

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The Narrator and Perfection

The book is now available at https://assholetax.es!

The Narrator, according to Marla Singer, is “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Jackass.” The Narrator starts off in the movie as a hostage, which we later find out, isn’t to be. The Narrator is a hostage to himself, being held captive by Tyler Durden.

If you’re confused by now, I don’t blame you. On many subsequent viewings of the movie, it’s hard to tell when Tyler has taken over, or when the Narrator is truly in charge.

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Tyler Durden and Hitting Rock Bottom

The book is now available at https://assholetax.es!

Tyler. Where to even begin with that guy?

He’s a metaphorical twist of douchebaggery; he’s an antagonist and protagonist at the same time.

He’s the one that lures the Narrator into his firm and twisted grasp. “Why, so you can pretend to be interested?” he says to the Narrator in their first real meeting on the plane.

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Marla Singer, the House Pet

The book is now available at https://assholetax.es!

“I haven’t been fucked like that since grade school.”

Those words, coming out of a freak-shell of a woman, Marla Singer, would resonate through the entire movie as the Narrator slowly realizes he is, in fact, Tyler Durden.

Hopefully I didn’t spoil the movie for you. It’s only been out since 1999, and is a cult-classic of sorts; it’s a movie that can be dissected and re-watched many times, with something new popping out every time (pun very much intended).

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