Suing After Tragedy – Does Money Bring Back the Dead?

Most of you have already heard about the deadly that killed 49 people. It seems that tragedy brings out the best in people; unfortunately, tragedy brings out the worst in people as well.

Comair–in no way trying to “buy off” the grieving families–offered each family $25,000 to cover funeral expenses. In my opinion, this was a very kind gesture on behalf of Comair and the money is solely to relieve the additional stress of families having to come up with ways to cover the costs of a funeral. The money was a goodwill attempt by Comair, and a commendable attempt at that.

On September 1, I read a story about a family suing Comair for the conscious pain and suffering of one of the passengers. The lawsuit also claims negligence on the part of the airline. The lawsuit doesn’t list damages, but I would expect that the damages would be in the millions of dollars.

My question is, does money bring back the dead? The family claims that the passenger suffered conscious pain and suffering. Will the money ease the pain and suffering that the passenger allegedly suffered? Will the money help the family with their pain and suffering? In simple terms, will fighting the airline bring the family’s daughter back? Not on this green Earth.

By suing after tragedy for a monetary amount, a person’s life is being equated to a dollar figure. Money isn’t going to bring that person back. The money may help with therapy costs, and perhaps a few possessions will be bought, but suing doesn’t ever bring someone back from the dead.

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