Through her small Google Hangout she could make out an array of faces ordered to her beck-and-call.

“So we have the Storyboard people here, Stella. We’d like you to go over your torture scene.”

“Oh, I’ve already explained it.” Stella replied.

The director, Roth, whom they commonly use, reads his note cards: “It says you want a woman’s baby cut out with it burning to death?”

“Exactly.” Stella agreed.

“And no particular actor you would like us to use.”

“Well,” Stella pressed, “I have researched several actors and find Sarah the most agreeable.”

“So slap a fat suit on that bitch and rip out her intestines, yes?” Roth asked rhetorically.

“I just want exclusive close-ups as the woman’s inwards are being torn. The baby, being pulled from the uterus, it’s umbilical cord snipped, it dried with a proper towel… perhaps given a breath of air… then douse the defenseless baby with some petrol and set it ablaze.”

Stella continued: “And I want a close-up of that woman’s screaming next to the charred remains.”

“And,” Roth added, “You would like a split-screen view on that?”

“Yes, that would be preferred at that point.” Stella agreed.

“Excellent. This should be just a one-two minute project.” Roth stated.

“Oh, and one more thing… if you could just throw in an extra minute for the woman bleed-out situation, I would be thrilled.”

“Absolutely.” Roth said.

“Thank you, so how much time for the Storyboarding process to be done?”

The heads around the hangout collectively nodded.

“I think we can just go ahead with an actor and no script and get this done super fast.”

“Splendid.” Stella stated. She hung up from the call.

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