Should I Start a Kickstarter Campaign for Asshole Tax?

So I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a Kickstarter campaign for my next book, entitled Asshole Tax. It’s a book about the movie Fight Club with some semi-autobiographicalness sprinkled in.

It’s my own take on the movie and I share some of my own life experiences and how some of the movie concepts relate to me.

So far I’ve publicly released three chapters and have received absolutely zero response (except from people saying, “Cool, you’re writing a book about Fight Club!”).

So my question to you is, should I chance it and start a Kickstarter campaign?

The main goal of the campaign is to cover the cost of designing the e-book. I received a very credible estimate that it will cost $2600 (USD) to design the cover, the inner design, and the back cover. So I would probably be seeking $3000 (USD) to cover other expenses (copyright attorney, stock photography, etc.).

I plan on releasing the book eventually and have only three chapters left to write. The book will be about 100 pages in length with hopefully movie stills (if I can get the right permissions).

So what say you, reader? Is this even a worthwhile project? Will people be interested? Please weigh in.

BTW, if you do think it’s a good idea to start a Kickstarter campaign, please comment with what you think might be good incentives.

7 thoughts on “Should I Start a Kickstarter Campaign for Asshole Tax?”

  1. How about an autographed copy of the book from you as incentive?

    Also, depending on how much you plan on pricing the book, you might distribute one or more copies of the same.

    Am no expert on Kickstarter, but if it works that would be good!

      1. But what’s the risk to you? If the Kickstarter fails, you have done a bit of marketing and potentially garnered some interest in purchasing it outside of Kickstarter. If it succeeds, then the cost of turning it from a draft into a product is covered. Seems like a win-win to me.

  2. Absolutely! Autographed copies definitely. I know you had a specific idea for the cover, so maybe a drawing open to the first 100 pre-orders for a copy of the photo for the cover signed by the author and the model suitable for framing? Bars of soap wrapped in a facsimile of the cover? Or simply stamped with Asshole Tax which is an easy cheap homecraft project?

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