The agony is unquenchable
as an unending thirst.
My stomach is in knots,
And I fear my heart may burst…

Not from a love lost,
Or a desire unfulfilled,
But from the hatred and hurt,
That will never be healed.

I seek forgiveness,
And perhaps restitution,
But while I ache,
There seems only one solution.

These five stages I know.
And it starts with denial.
But these lonely thoughts,
Can only lead to exile.

I must escape this hurt,
Else I’m forced into danger.
I just want to accept,
But I’m always led back to anger.

4 thoughts on “Stages”

    1. As with most poetry, it’s important to know the context, but I can’t elaborate too much.

      Lonely thoughts lead to exile… – Basically you feel alone, abandoned, cut-off.

      Forced into danger – Equals negative thoughts. I’m a fairly positive person, and negative thoughts are a dangerous rabbit hole.

      Hope that helps 😀

      Thanks for reading.

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