Snip, Snip!

On my recent trip to Stratford, I had my hair cut. My sister had just taken some leave from Iraq and was rather shocked by my long hair. In a twist of circumstances, I agreed to have my hair cut. We went to Dumas, Texas and bought some clippers. The next day we went back to the Dumas Wal-Mart and had a professional finish the job. Here are the before and after pics.

  • Before

    Ronald Before Haircut

  • After

    Ronald Haircut After

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  2. I’m sorry to say that your sister was acting so damn selfish over your long hair. Trying to brainwash you into fitting into her definition of the cultural norm – figures, coming from a president bush-wack like her in his services. You weren’t smiling in that picture…No, you looked rather sad as she looked so triumphant over you. I can just imagine her thoughts at the time: “You will be like ME! If you’re not going to JOINThat really sucks.
    I hope you get back to being yourself, a proud individual who doesn’t need your family dictating rules as to your appearance and taking handsome parts away from your own body.

  3. Sorry, somehow my message posted prematurely. Picking up from “…if you’re not going to JOIN the services, then you must LOOK like you’re in the services! You embarrass me with your long hair, and it is all about me cause I’m your SISTER!”

  4. @Tiffany,
    No worries. Let me fill in the context for that picture and hopefully it’ll be a little easier to understand.

    That day my sister got back from Iraq. She was on leave because my grandmother had just died. My sister didn’t like my hair, but she understood.

    I began growing out my hair for my ex-wife. She liked hair long, and out of respect I grew out my hair. The day my sister came back from Iraq, I found out my wife had separated from me. So I told my sister, “Let’s cut it.”

    We drove to the Dumas, TX Wal-Mart and picked up a shaver kit, and went back to a Stratford, TX motel room and cut it.

    By cutting it, I was returning to the old me since the reason for my long hair was no longer there.

    I agree with your comment to an extent. I hope the context clears things up. My sister was just trying to help her brother out.

  5. omg, it’s a pitty you had it cut. anyway you look completely fine with short hair. I’m gonna have mine cut in a two months’ time, so I don’t know how am I gonna feel afterwards. I’ve been growing mine for 3 years and it’s quite long. Nevertheless, mine is frizzy and kindda dameaged from the constant blowdrying and straightening. How did you moved on?

  6. Well, true, you have to say which is the old you first. As for me, I grow my hair long, because I have always had long hair in my days when I could. Then for business reasons I no longer or thought I had to be their way of looks. TV/Film.
    Now older, I needed my identity back, long hair is whom I Am, spiritually and like Jesus, it does not matter what year we are in, it matters only to me, my identity…plus the fact I did not want to look like every single person on the planet. Heterosexual or gay, meaning str8 or gay. With long hair, I am questioned now as to my sexual self, Str8 or BI which I have always been bi, but they don’t even dare to add in to ask or use the word Gay.
    With short hair I used to get asked Gay or str8 or assumed gay, now it’s Str8 or bi. And with my intimidating stare, they are already afraid to ask in the first place.
    My old way is long hair. My spiritual self is long Hair. What you do for you is up to you, but I did like your long hair. You had nice hair and as you get older, you won’t be able to grow it, I say grow it while you’ve got it, my mom’s says the same.

  7. Why do you want to cut your hair? Good reasons are because you are ready for a change, you’re tired of your old look, you have a new job, you think long hair dates you or makes you look too youthful. Bad reasons for cutting your hair are to look like a movie star, to change your life entirely or because your sister insists she prefers short hair. The point: You should do this for yourself.

  8. One of the first things people do when they’ve made a major life change is to get a haircut. A short hair cut lets the world know you’re a new person in no uncertain terms. You no longer need to cling to the crutch of having long hair. It’s time to show the world who you’ve become!

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  10. Believe it or not, your hairstyle projects your outlook in life. Too messy a hair and you will look like you’re stressed. Too neat a hair and you will look like an optimistic professional. Too stylish a hair and you’d look younger than your age.

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