Snip, Snip – Part 2

Before picture of ronald's hair getting cut

This post is actually a duplicate of the one I made yesterday.  I just wanted to test out the capabilities of Microsoft’s new blogging tool.  It can upload images into my WordPress blog without FTP, which is rather nice.   Just for that feature alone it is far superior to the Performancing Plugin for Firefox.

One thing that is nice about the images is that you can add borders and drop shadows without any effort whatsoever.  Anyways, listed below is the actual post I did yesterday.  I just really like how the images look compared to how I laid out the blog yesterday. 

Ronald After HaircutOn my recent trip to Stratford, I had my hair cut. My sister had just taken some leave from Iraq and was rather shocked by my long hair. In a twist of circumstances, I agreed to have my hair cut. We went to Dumas, Texas and bought some clippers. The next day we went back to the Dumas Wal-Mart and had a professional finish the job. Here are the before and after pics.

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