Smile for Me

An ironic poem about happiness

Smile for me —
When your burdens drift away,
When the night turns into day,
When your children dance and play,
When you’re thankful and you pray.

Smile for me —
When your worries disappear,
And you wipe away the tear.
When your heart feels hope is near,
Or you re-linquish the fear.

Smile for me —
When your body is at ease,
And you do with as you please.
When you’re life isn’t a breeze,
And it brings you to your knees.

Smile for me —
When your mind is filled with stress,
And you can’t break for recess.
When you always leave with less,
Or you get blamed for the mess.

Smile for me —
When your lovelife melts away,
When the night eclipses day,
When it’s all work and no play,
When you never stop to pray.

Please smile for me.

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