Sixteen Lessons to Be Learned From Others

This post is a listing of the group project participants for “What I learned from …”

Sixteen bloggers (including myself) have learned some valuable lessons. This post will summarize some of my favorite lessons out of the group.

Clouds Have Teeth

Yes, clouds have vicious fangs that await airplanes and skydivers. Usually they eat birds. And you thought bird poop was bad.

Drugs Make You Forget

Taking drugs, whether illegal or legal, can sometimes make you forget things. Although not necessarily a bad thing, the addictive nature of drugs is what makes them bad for you.

It is Sometimes Necessary to Hack

Not hack computers. Hack mesquite trees and things in life. What did you think I meant?

Keep it Simple and Convenient

If you want to be successful at a venture, this venture should make it simple for others and convenient.

Marriage Requires Six Sigma

Define the current process: Husband hangs up a towel after a shower.
Measure the process: The husband hangs up the towel properly 1/10th of the time.
Analyze the process: The husband doesn’t listen and refuses to change.
Improve the process: Nag and chastise the husband until the husband “catches on”.
Control the process: Make sure after each bath that the husband has completed the task.

Children Are More Important Than Life’s Worries

Whether you are in a huge amount of debt, have bad health, or having marital problems, a child should come first.

Being in the Wilderness Helps You Appreciate Toast

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have to go on a fishing trip to appreciate toast. Ah, the joys of toast and a sunny-side up.

Losing is Sometimes Winning

Whether it be a business venture that went bad, a forum that failed, or a marriage that imploded, sometimes you end up coming out on top with the experience and lessons learned.

There’s a Lot to Learn From Procrastinating

I just haven’t gotten around to writing what they are.

Life Doesn’t Have to be Stagnant

Whether jumping from place to place, or dodging vehicles and filing lawsuits, squirrels can teach valuable lessons.

Health Can Make You Money

Writing about something that is in-demand and requires a large learning curve is a good way to carve a chunk of money out for yourself.

It’s Inappropriate to Judge a Problem Based on a Perceived Solution

Many people think overweight and obese people are lazy and that they eat a lot. If only these people would just stop eating and get on the treadmill, right? Sometimes the solution to a problem that is obvious to others is not the correct solution at all.

Life is All About Preventative and Corrective Maintenance

Whether it’s taking out the trash, clearing out a schedule, paying off debt, fixing a car, or going to a therapist, there are times when you need to perform corrective or preventative maintenance on your life.

There are Jewels to be Found Near the Bottom of the Barrel

Being at the bottom of the barrel isn’t that bad as long as you are a jewel. Oh yeah, and someone has to find you and pluck you out of it.

Sometimes It’s Better Just to Eat Out

Two ruined meals and a faulty switch would be enough for me to want to eat at McDonalds. Ok, nevermind. It would take a lot more than that.

There is no Beverly Hills 90-2-10

Having spent the bulk of my growing up in the Philippines, one of the first things I learned as I re-adjusted to the United States was the proper way to say a zip code.

9 thoughts on “Sixteen Lessons to Be Learned From Others”

  1. Hi Ronald – This is a clever and informative roundup of the entries in the group writing project. Mine was the one on what I learned from procrastination, and here I am, the first to comment… I must have learned something. LOL 😉

  2. Hi Ronald

    Thanks for the summary and you are quite right: after losing out in our first venture we definitely came up tops (with a great mentor/friend acquired as a welcome side-effect).

    And we also know about arriving as a stranger in a strange country, the strangest things you have to 'learn' 😉

    Karin H. (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

  3. Hi all,

    Thank you for the comments. I was hoping to provide a good summary of all the posts, and by your comments have reassured me of my efforts. Thank you and please come back.

  4. Good job outlining some really excellent links. I am guessing you got some gifts from squirrel, since you mention a link about squirrels teaching us something useful. 😯

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