Six Flags Was a Wash

We woke up at 3:45am this morning and began our trip to Six Flags Over Georgia. The trip from Huntsville to Atlanta was relatively uneventful and we arrived at Six Flags a little after 10:00am (EST). The first ride we rode was Goliath. Goliath was the main attraction at Six Flags, and it was the one we “had” to ride before we left. I talked Sarah into going for the front. Sarah later looked at the pictures that were taken and she had a look of dread across her face. I had my hands in the air and was screaming, “Wooooo!”

After Goliath, we headed over to Gotham City and rode a coaster called Mind Bender. The wait for Goliath and Mind Bender was negligible. Unfortunately, we decided to ride Batman – The Ride after Mind Bender. We waited over an hour in line for a lame thirty-second ride. Our wait was nothing compared to what some others had to wait, however.

Shortly after ‘Batman’, we searched in vain for some affordable food. We went to a Papa Johns vendor and ordered our food. It was at the Papa Johns that we discovered that all the rides had been closed down because of a storm coming in. Soon after, we (and our food) were drenched from the rain. We were informed that none of the rides would be re-opening that day because the weather wasn’t going to clear up.

We began the journey home shortly after receiving our news and being drenched. At least we got to ride three rides, but overall I felt that our trip to Six Flags was a wash.

2 thoughts on “Six Flags Was a Wash”

  1. Dude did you not check the weather.. Well actually that's usually the girls who do those kind of things.. C'mon Sarah! lol

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