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10 Signs You’re a Rockstar at Karaoke

Everybody wants to be a rockstar, correct? Well, karaoke is a good outlet. Here are ten ways you can be a rockstar at karaoke.

You Know Your Song Inside and out

Let’s face it. Karaoke is hard. But you’ve researched your song, listened to a karaoke version on YouTube, or perhaps you’ve tried it on Smule.

You’ve got the lyric timing, and highs, the lows, and maybe practice your fake guitar skills during guitar solos.

If lyrics are missing or obscured, you can still plow through the song like an expert.

What Screen?

You don’t need the screen to karaoke. You’ve got the song memorized and the timing down so that you can have an active stage presence in front of the crowd. You’re definitely a rockstar if you don’t need the screen to belt out your best karaoke songs.

You Involve the Crowd

Songs like “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Sweet Caroline” are crowd favorites, and it’s easy to pass the mic on to some in the crowd to make them feel involved.

Other singers walk into the crowd and sing to certain people sitting at their tables.

Involving the crowd is a great way to convince even non-karaoke fans to get involved in the karaoke process.

You Know the Crowd

You have enough of a song selection that’ll match the mood of the night. If it’s mostly country songs, sing your favorite country ballad.

You won’t pick a song that is a crowd-downer like pretty much every Celine Dion song.

You’re an Expert at the Microphone

The singer knows how to modulate themselves between the highs and lows of the song. For example, they pull the microphone away to just the right distance when they sing loudly.  Having this skill saves the KJ from having to adjust your sound constantly.

You Know the Right Karaoke Versions

Rockstar karaoke veterans will help the KJ pick out the best song for the version they want to sing. Usually, there are several options for the same song, and a rockstar karaoke veteran knows which ones to suggest to the KJ.

You Tip the KJ

Dropping a fiver in the tip jar is an extremely helpful gesture. That covers the KJ’s gas for the night, and it’s appreciated. It won’t get you special treatment, but the KJ will be incredibly grateful.

Just don’t forget to tip the bartenders as well. They work hard!

You Know Your Range

You know what pitch the KJ needs to put the song in to ensure the song matches your voice.

You’re Not Stuck in a Genre

You shake it up during the night. Going country one song, and rock the next. Throw in some pop for good measure, and you’ll be recognized as a very talented karaoke artist.

You’re Timing and Key is Impeccable

As mentioned previously, knowing the song well is key when doing karaoke. The best compliment you can receive is that you’re better than the radio version. You also make the song your own instead of necessarily trying to match the key and timing of the original singer.

Your Turn

What, in your opinion, makes someone a rockstar at karaoke? Please respond in the comments.

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