Sick of Sarah Winner – Iris!!!

Back in February, I wrote about how Sick of Sarah was willing to give away a signed CD to one of my readers.

I quickly chose Iris, who lives near the Phoenix area in Arizona. She obviously was/is a bigger fan than I was. I had already received my own swag at SXSW in March, so I just wanted to make sure Iris got everything she needed. Then SoS went on a major American and European tour, I had yet another mental episode, and things progressed from there.

I finally decided to give it one more shot and asked the band on Twitter for some help, which they were glad to provide.

Iris is a little shy, so she didn’t post any pictures of herself. But let’s just say, Sick of Sarah, as usual, over delivered (pun intended).

Here’s Iris’s own words when she received the package:

Ron I got this today, poster signed and cd included. Sorry I didn’t take a picture of myself opening it, I’m actually ready for bed and was half asleep when my husband told me I had received a package. I had no clue who could’ve sent me something since I didn’t remember buying anythin online! Haha! Seriously! Anyway, I opened the envelope and there it was!! Thanks so much!! Maybe I can take a picture tomorrow when I’m not wearing pjs and look more decent!! Haha! Thanks so much!!! Good night! 🙂

Iris, when you get out of your PJs, we want more pics 😀

Signed SoS Poster with Brand New 2205 CD
Sick of Sarah Poster from their Self-Titled Album Released in 2008

To Sick of Sarah

Thank you GALS soooo much for helping out. I’m sure you made Iris’ year. And thanks Evan from Adamant Records for helping get everything sorted out.

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4 thoughts on “Sick of Sarah Winner – Iris!!!”

    1. Ron,

      I love it!!! Makes it extra special!! Heck yeah I’m framing it!!!

      And… I just noticed I sent out my message with a misspelled word! Oy! … I swear, I can spell! lol!

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