Sick of Sarah – New Album – 2205

Back in October, I pre-ordered an album on iTunes for one of my favorite girl bands, Sick of Sarah. While their name initially attracted me to the band (long story), I’ve grown quite fond of their music.

Their new album, 2205 (get it on iTunes), is a slight departure from their earlier sound, but still has the Sick of Sarah feel.

Ok, enough talk. Let’s get to the music. Here are my three favorite songs from the new album, in the order that I like them.

Kick Back

Absolutely wonderful song that I can rock out to at full volume. Below is the official music video for Kick Back.


I didn’t like this one at first, but it has since grown on me. I really like the bass intro.

Giving Up

I like the sound of desperation that comes across over the lyrics and vocals.

Get Sick of Sarah 2205 on iTunes.

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