Sick of Sarah at SXSW in Austin, Texas

Abisha Uhl, Lead Singer of Sick of Sarah

I first learned of Sick of Sarah in August of 2008. My ex-wife is named Sarah, and while browsing iTunes, a band’s name intrigued me: Sick of Sarah. I thought to myself, “A band with a name that great has to be good.” Their song Daisies was the first one I sampled and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I learned sometime last week that Sick of Sarah was going to be performing at SXSW on St. Patrick’s day. Their performance was set to be at 9pm at Cedar Street Courtyard on 4th street in downtown Austin.

Knowing downtown was going to be crazy, I got to the area super early, around 4pm. Even having arrived early, finding a parking spot was extremely difficult, but I finally managed to find one.

I made my way to Cedar Street and got inside the venue, but we were kicked out at around 6pm so they could clean up and bring in the next line-up. I was told SXSW badges were priority, but I could begin lining up and if all the badges are let in, they would start letting in regular people with a cover.

I waited in line for two hours for the venue to open back up, and after 20 or so people with badges got in, they let me in. I quickly grabbed something to drink and made my way to the front of the stage.

The first band up was Shel, who are from Ft. Collins, Colorado (they actually reminded me quite a bit of Eisley).

Shel – From Ft. Collins, Colorado

Shel, a band consisting of all sisters, was a very impressive band and I’d highly recommend checking them out if you enjoy folk-type music (if you like Eisley, you’ll love them).

Meeting Sick of Sarah

Towards the end of Shel’s performance, I caught a glimpse of Katie (one of SoS’s guitarists) and who I thought was Jessie (their other guitarist). Katie was watching Shel and I tapped her on her shoulder, “Hey, are you Katie from Sick of Sarah?”

Katie turned around and said, “Yes! What’s your name?”

I proceeded to introduce myself and Katie politely excused herself, “That’s what I’m looking for. The bar.”

While still watching Shel, I caught a glimpse of Abisha (Sick of Sarah’s lead singer) watching the band from a balcony area above the stage. I put my Sick of Sarah album art on my phone and made a brief wave. Abisha recognized it immediately (the album cover of 2205), smiled, and waved back.

The Performance

Everyone around me in the audience was asking who was coming up next. “Sick of Sarah.” I would reply.

“Who’s that? Sick of Sarah?”

I would then explain to them who they are (names attached to band positions), where they’re from (Minneapolis), and what kind of music they churn out (absolute awesomeness).

As Abisha was readying her mic, I asked her if she was going to sing any of their old stuff. “Oh, Bittersweet.”

And then they started with one of my favorite tracks of their new album, Kick Back.

I don’t want to go into too much detail regarding their performance, but I will say I’ve been wanting to see this band live since 2008. And seeing them live just once made up for the wait.

In one comical moment, Katie’s spaghetti strap fell down her shoulder, and Abisha (with one fell swoop) grabbed the spaghetti strap with her teeth and moved it back onto Katie’s shoulder. Classic.

After the Performance

After Sick of Sarah finished, their tour manager said we could get a few pics with the girls (another lady, nickname Jc Punkrocker, helped arrange it).

The girls kindly obliged, and I managed to get a group shot with Sick of Sarah. I also got one with Jessie, one of their guitarists.

Ronalfy with Jessie Farmer from Sick of Sarah
Jessie Farmer of Sick of Sarah - Photo by Jc Punkrocker
Photo by Jc Punkrocker, Katie (guitarist), Ronalfy (ME!), Abisha (Lead Singer), Jessica (Drums), Jamie (Bass), and Jessie (Guitar).


After Sick of Sarah finished, I was spent. I had spent six straight days at SXSW and I was exhausted. I didn’t stick around to see the remaining bands, though I’m sure they were fantastic.

Sick of Sarah was an absolutely fantastic way to end my festivities, and for those in the know, my adventures in Texas.

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