Should We Let Illegals Into the Military?

The United States Army failed to meet recruitment goals for May by 399 Soldiers. One of the ways to help find new recruits is to allow illegal immigrants to enlist.

The immigration bill that has been delayed in Congress had a provision called DREAM (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) where illegals who have been in the public school system long enough to pass minimum aptitude tests can enter into the military in order to gain citizenship.

While DREAM would only give hope to a small fraction of illegals in becoming a legal citizen, I don’t think it’s a bad idea. Sure, some might say that illegals are just going to betray our country. However, even legal immigrants have that potential and I feel in either case, it’s unlikely.

Right now about 8,000 resident aliens enlist every year for the military to help with their path towards citizenship. Allowing certain illegals to also enlist would more than help with recruitment goals.

As another point, some “legal” immigrants (here as international students) become illegal when they are unable to find an employer to sponsor them due to the extensive amount of paperwork that must be filled out. Allowing these illegals into the military would also help out our country in my opinion.

So should the United States let illegals into its military? I say yes. It would help out our country’s defense, and help an illegal become a citizen.

2 thoughts on “Should We Let Illegals Into the Military?”

  1. I haven’t thought about this enough to pick a side, but I do have a thought or two.

    If meeting recruitment goals is the only reason to allow illegal aliens to join, no. That is a terrible reason to lower the bar to entry into our military. If it is a side reason, then I wouldn’t mind so much.



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