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September 11th Ceremony

I attended a 9/11 remembrance ceremony this morning, and I wish to share some of the more notable moments. I didn’t get exact quotes from the main speaker (although I did take notes), so I am paraphrasing here.

The beginning of the presentation started with a song entitled, ‘Have You Forgotten?’ by Darryl Worley(iTunes). The song was the background music for a photo slide-show presentation of the atrocities of 9/11 along with some photos of the men and women in uniform.

Major General Pillsbury gave the keynote speech of the ceremony. In the following paragraphs, I will be paraphrasing his statements (my thoughts are in italics). He started off by saying that America was attacked without provocation by a vile, vicious, and moral-less enemy. On December 8th (1941), America was united and willing to endure the long fight. On September 12, 2001, America was again united — for six months. I have to agree with his statement here. For the longest time, you couldn’t find an American flag anywhere. What happened to the patriotism of this country?

Our enemies of the past had nations. That is no longer. Today’s terrorists are a non-nation state that can not only hide behind nations, but can transcend boundaries. Unfortunately, there’s not much we (the U.S.) can do about it. Terrorists are cowards for sure. There’s not much we can do to stop terrorism, but there is something we can do to stop terrorist attacks on our home soil.

Our Constitution and way of life are under attack. If the enemy had his way, Americans would be told who to worship, what to believe in, and what education to get.

We have a strong country. Why are Soldiers still willing to risk their lives to defend our Constitution? Why is the Army still meeting recruiting goals? Because they (Soldiers) don’t want to sit around and complain about America. They want to do something about it. Soldiers, and all military that serve, are my heroes.

No person ever wants to go to war. A grieving widow of a fallen Soldier is the real American Idol… not some idiot on TV who can’t even hit a high note. Pillsbury recalled a moment when he was about to console the grieving widow of a fallen Soldier. The widow surprised Pillsbury when she thanked him for his service.


Pillsbury’s comments reflect many of mine that I made in yesterday’s post entitled, “My Thoughts on September 11th.”

Please remember our troops, remember what happened on September 11th, and remember the many lives that were lost and will continue to be lost in the defense of our nation.

Writer and software engineer Ronald Huereca has been a developer at notable agencies like iThemes and 10up. His varied background has him working with WordPress since 2006, eventually creating his own plugin which, of course, lead to more. He spends quite a bit of his time volunteering with the WordPress project as a core and polyglot contributor. With all of his passions, writing has been the way Ronald expresses himself best. He has written both technical books as well as fiction. Some of his works include Project Mayhem, Mindefusement, and WordPress and Ajax. “You can only delay the inevitable” is his favorite quote. Ronald enjoys reading Stephen King and John Grisham. When he’s not writing, Ronald dreams of building websites filled with cats yawning, disclaimers his strong opinions, sings karaoke, and advocates for empathy surrounding mental health.

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