Religion Against Gays

The following is a guest contribution by Elizabeth Bailey

Religion should embrace Gay people.

My son is gay and he and his boyfriend are great people and we love them no matter what they decide as long as they are happy . They both have good jobs and believe what they want. Just as long as they are happy with their lives and what they believe in and with themselves, no one should interfere.

Religion is supposed to be good for us all. Fighting over religion or for the way the world should be makes me not want anything to do with it.

God , Allah , Or Mohammed etc. are suppose to be loving and care for us all, no matter what the circumstance. So why are people (and countries) fighting over what border or people belong to who?

Stop fighting and love everyone no matter what colour , race , creed, religion, etc. The world would be a heck of a lot better place for us all.

11 thoughts on “Religion Against Gays”

  1. I don’t get it. You start out saying, “Religion should embrace Gay people.” By this I take it you mean folks who’s religion forbids homosexuality should just ignore that part. But more to the point I’d like to make, you end with, “Stop fighting and love everyone no matter what colour , race , creed, religion, etc.” If “etc.” includes people who don’t agree that we should all just be ok with homosexuality in others, then, by your own standards, you should stop fighting against them. You are trying to advocate a point of view and yet ask everyone to just agree no matter what their point of view.

  2. Elizabeth,
    For lack of a better term, we all come packaged with a set of “moral standards” – a quick list of what we think are right and wrong. But our moral standards aren’t just a composed of a black and white list of right and wrong and to complicate life even more our moral standards are moving targets.
    Some examples:
    Most all of us would agree that murder & robbery are wrong.
    Most of us would agree that hugging a dear friend, even one of the opposite sex is OK.
    And it’s even OK to look at someone and think “She’s nice or He’s nice…..”
    Most of us would be OK with driving down the highway 10 MPH over the posted speed limit until we got caught then we think to ourselves while the trooper was walking up to the car “Why was I speeding, I know it’s ILLEGAL”. In other words, we were OK with speeding until WE GOT CAUGHT.
    The point I’m trying to make is that 80% – 90% of our moral values are not black and white. They are in flux and in the grey area. Our moral values are continually modified by our long term and short term experiences. Also, many of our moral standards are double standards. It’s OK if I do it, it’s not OK if you do it and it’s an absolute crime if Bill Clinton does it with a cigar!
    The real bottom line is whether you are a Christian or not, the Bible contains an excellent set of moral standards that can’t steer you wrong. And the same Bible has standards that apply towards gays. Don’t complain to the Christian religions about not embracing your Son’s lifestyle. Grab a Bible, read for yourself and decide for yourself.
    And BTW, I’m sure that before you discovered that your son was Gay, your tolerance to the lifestyle was very different. Your “moral standards” driven opinion to that lifestyle is a moving target just like the rest of our moral standards.

    1. I don’t if I am saying what elizabeth meant to say but I think the issue is, if some religions believe in loving others and that kind of stuff how can you justify not accepting gays. Im no expert but I thought God loved everything he put on this earth and if that were actually true, the church would not ban/be against anyone (including the gays). I certainly agree that the bible has very good morals to live by (the ten commandments) however I just feel that religion is hypocritical when it says that gays are bad but you are supposed “love thy neighbor as yourself.”

      1. I also understand the idea that gay marriage is the main issue but going along with that, you Can Not say that homosexuality/heterosexuality is a choice by any means. I am hetero and I did not choose this, it’s just who I am.
        I wanted to get this out of the way so you know why I am arguing this postion.

  3. Let’s face it… religion can be the most crooked thing, people who enforce these rules have secret lives and the rules based on nothing more than a book and hearsay throughout generations.

    I want nothing more than someone to help me above but I don’t condone how it’s forced upon us.

  4. To understand the position of most Christian Churches against Gays you must understand Christianity. The mainstream Christian stance against gays is based on several premises.

    1. We are all sinners because we all sin.
    2. We are all expected to improve ourselves – to try to not sin. Look at the 10 commandments as a top 10 list. We are all guilty of violating at least one every week, maybe some every day, but we identify these and work on them.
    3. Per the New Testament, same-sex sex is considered a very serious sin.
    4. Therefore a gay person is a sinning because of his lifestyle choices and a gay person apparently has no interest in working on his sins.
    5. Instead he wants us to accept his sins as “who he is”.
    6. I guess I could apply the same “catch all” to a rapist or a murderer. After all, he “couldn’t help himself”, right?

    No, we don’t hate Gays, we just believe they are sinners who have lost their way.

    1. I never said that christians hate gays, just that they are against them.
      I am sure that the bible has reasons why homosexuality is not permitted. I just can’t wrap my head around the idea that being gay is a sin. And just by My own morales you can not compare a gay person to a rapist or murderer, those types of people physically assault and hurt another while gays do not do that, although they may be considered sinners according to the bible they are not in the same category. Also, murders who murder by choice generally have some type of mental or physical ailment that inhibits them from perceiving reality. Even if they are just sick and cruel with full awareness of their actions our law enforcement takes care of this type of person (while they don’t arrest people for being gay). I apologize if this discussion is insulting in any way, I just don’t agree with the bible and organized religion in general in many aspects.

      1. I don’t like this type of argument (religion vs. logic/personal values) I just wanted to voice my opinion. However, this could be a very circular discussion as most are and it will get no one anywhere. These two viewpoints can not be used against each other, you can’t argue faith with logic and vice versa, its like the immovable object/unstoppable force phenomenon, nothing happens.

        humans suck, we are idiots

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