Ever have a dream you didn't want to wake up from?

Clouds of veracity, I sink into never.
I haven’t seen your face in forever.
Eternal delight, I’m thinking in time,
The warmth of your touch and your hand in mine.
I look behind; in the distance you dance,
You smile and approach me as we indulge in romance.
You grab me and twirl me as we drift up real high,
Freedom and laughter, perpetually we fly.
You hug me and hold me the best that you can,
The world and the problems, together we ran.
Your warmth, your presence, I’m down on my knees,
Stay with me forever, I’m begging you please.
Words of love and compassion, you’re setting me free,
But the grief and the shadows I fail to foresee.
Happiness forever, sharp pins in my heart,
We both shed a tear as we’re both torn apart.
Dismay to my senses, I’m sprung wide-awake,
I realize now what I experienced was fake.
I cover my eyes; night has turned into day,
And I’m sad because you’re still far away.

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