Rated R Mayhem

I had a thought today about R rated movies. What if a particular movie theater chain was only showing Rated R movies for one night? Would it then be permissible to set up a vulgar protest (swear words and all) on movie theater grounds? My thought was that since the movie goers were going to see swearing, possible sex scenes, violence, or other activity expected from Rated R movies, why couldn’t people outside the theater shout out some swear words?

Sarah then proceeded to rip my argument apart. She said what if people apply the same logic to pornographic theaters? She said it didn’t work for Pee-wee Herman. Sarah also added in a statement about bars. People are allowed to get drunk in bars, but can be arrested for public intoxication and drunk driving once they leave the bar. There was no doubt after her last statement that my initial argument about Rated R movies was toast.

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