Random Thought Process Starts Here

I’m already sick of my web design. I’ve read in many places that the web designers/developers get sick of the web design long before the users of that website. So I beg the question: who are the users of my website? I know of five people that regularly frequent my website. Other than that, it’s random people from Finland, the Philippines, Germany, some school in Wisconsin or Maine… people that just read and leave (or just leave).

I’m not sure what to do with this website anymore. It started off as a virtual junk room where I could just throw a random poem or rant online. Now I actually have some content and I’m not sure what to do with it all. It’s like my website doesn’t particularly have a focus or niche. But does a personal website need focus? Is the focus on me? I don’t want it to be. The users of my website come first, and you can visit the Forums to see this. The Forums are run by me and Cetroyer, but they’re not “ours”. The Forums will die without participation, so we just do what we can to encourage conversation.

Conversation… Why would somebody want to come to my personal website and start a conversation when there’s a million other sites out there. What makes my website special? What keeps people coming back? Is it random rants like this, poetry, stories? I have no clue. As I said before, only five or so people routinely visit my site. Why do they come? Because they know me?

I’m going to City Stages tomorrow. Saralfy and I will be in Birmingham for three days. I’m going to exhausted after the music festival, but hopefully I will have a good time.

I’m not looking forward to going back to work Monday. I’ve been working on a desktop application for three months now. I’m almost finished, but the program runs rather sluggish since the program does a lot of image processing. I have to investigate an alternate way of displaying the images until I can find a better solution.

End Random Thought Process