Random Thoughts on City Stages

Listed below are some of my random thoughts on City Stages.

  1. Ceasefire and Snoop Dogg

    Ceasefire (PDF) is a new organization in Birmingham designed to stop infighting between Birmingham’s inhabitants. Ceasefire’s goal is to get all Birmingham citizens to literally and figuratively cease fire and become a peaceful place to live.

    On the other hand, Snoop Dogg’s show had several gunshot references, and calls to perform a “187 (homicide) on a mother …. cop.” I wonder how happy the Ceasefire Volunteers were at Snoop Dogg’s calls for homicide against the very police officers that were keeping very rowdy fans from overwhelming him and his entourage.

  2. Snoop Dogg and the Police

    Snoop Dogg began rapping a very old rap song entitled “….(censored) the Police.” I was at the very front of the stage when this song occurred. There was a sheriff’s deputy one foot in front of me between the barrier and the stage. Snoop called on the entire audience to scream the title of the song. I could have screamed the words directly at the deputy if I wanted to. Having more respect than that, I refrained. The deputy left during the song, obviously disgusted.

  3. Sign Language Interpreters

    Define Irony: A bunch of interpreters using sign language to communicate lyrics at a rock concert. Rock concerts are very loud and cause permanent hearing damage. I hope the interpreters were using ear plugs to protect their hearing. Just for the record, I wore ear plugs at most of the performances.

  4. Nobody is Entitled to the Front of the Crowd
  5. Just before Snoop Dogg started, a young black girl screamed at me and said, “That’s no fair. You’re taller than I am. You need to let me in front of you so I can see.” The first thing I thought was, what the heck are you doing at the front of the crowd if you are so small? The second thing I thought was, nothing. I told her it was too bad and she would just have to deal with not being able to see past my head. I didn’t think of it until now, but she was probably a little too young to be seeing Snoop Dogg anyway.

  6. Sling-chairs Suck
  7. A bunch of people brought their lawn chairs or sling-chairs with them to they could sit down and watch performances. The Miller Lite Stage was the “rock concert” stage. I couldn’t believe that people actually thought they could sit down for Yellowcard and Snoop Dogg. The people with sling chairs eventually grew tired of the constant nagging (and the many water bottles being tossed in their direction) and left.

    People carrying their sling-chairs also were a hindrance when we were trying to leave the area. As with most oblivions, they do not watch where they are going. As a consequence, there were many close calls with swinging sling-chair bags.

  8. If You are in a Mosh Pit, Expect to Get Hurt
  9. I saw a few people get hurt while moshing. Some of these people approached those that hurt them and threatened to take further action. No offense to those hurt, but you got what you were asking for. If someone hurt you, more power to them. Swallow your pride and let it go.

  10. Water is too Expensive
  11. I can’t believe vendors were charging $3.00 for 20oz. of water. There were no drinking fountains at all (at least from what I observed) at City Stages. I wonder how many people were dangerously dehydrated because they couldn’t afford the absurd prices being charged for water.

  12. I Detest Crowd Surfers
  13. I told Sarah that at a few concerts, I was hurt fairly bad by crowd surfers. One time a dude’s pants zipper caught on my arm and gave me a nice large six inch scratch. Other times I’ve been hit in the head with shoes, purses, etc. I also told Sarah that I punched a crowd surfer one time when one of them kicked me in the face. She chastised me that I was being too rude to crowd surfers.

    People either crowd surf for the thrill (of being grabbed by hundreds of people), to reach the front faster, or possibly because their friends forced them into it. Some of the crowd surfers were fairly big people. Sarah was hit several times from crowd surfers. I know that crowd surfers are normal at rock events, but that does not change the fact that they are morons.

Thanks for reading my random thoughts.

5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on City Stages”

  1. I don't understand the "thrill" in crowd surfing, especially to be a girl. Also, crowd surfers don't get to stay in the front. They're escorted away from the stage by security. Again, I don't see the appeal. I would have kicked crowd surfers too. In fact, I do.

    I remember this one time at Warped Tour in Houston, while watching a band (Sum 41, I think). A girl rudely pushed me to get to the front. I was furious! While the crowd was jumping up and down, I took out my black sharpie and marked all over her white capris. Oh, it was a riot!

    I'm glad you guys had fun!

  2. Ohhh Ronald..I remember a young man (you!) who once listened to the song "…. the police" and worse but i wont mention DRS… lol.. that song was made by NWA.. and they made in a time in which racial profiling and discrimination was horrible in Compton and dont forget ol Rodney King.. its a bad song for sure i AGREE.. we need the police but think of it as art and it represents the feelings of a culture(at least at the time)…

    Oh and crowd surfing is AWESOME.. what are you guys old people.. First of all you dont go to a Rock concert to hold hands.. Its Rock n Roll.. you mosh, you push, you drink, and then call it a day… Now Crowd Surfing can be dangerous.. I have crowd surfed before and it was great.. however you must put proper planning.. You need to inform people ahead of you that your going up and so on… and if your At a ROCK concert expect people to crowd surf.. Dude I crowd surfed to Linkin Park at Mile High Stadium.. It was crazy to look around and see thousands of people.. and then I made it on stage!! Yeah I got my shirt ripped off, lost my friends for about an hour.. but hey it was worth it!! I think next time all you haters need to get seats around the outside and put ear plugs in.. Its a rock concert!

  3. I agree that at rock concerts there will be crowd surfers. That doesn't change the fact that I don't like crowd surfers.

    BTW, what were you thinking going to a Linkin Park concert? And you tell me to put my ear plugs in?

  4. I am old :-(, mentally at least. To me, it seems like people think "show" as a reason enough to mosh, crowd surf, etc. Understandably, at a show like Linkin Park it is to be expected, but Reggie & The Full Effect… or even Eisley?! And most of the shows I go to are not at arenas or stadiums that hold thousands of people. Just because it is a "show" doesn't mean you have to mosh, crowd surf, etc.; it's not mandatory. I also know that it's the price I pay for I liking being in the front at every show. If I chose to, I could hang around the back.

  5. It was OzzFest! Yeah Yeah I know I should have put Metallica instead of Linkin Park to sound better. lol.. But Pam is right.. its fun to be in the front! And if anyone is crowd surfing to Eisley or that other band they probably deserve to be hit.. only at the hard rock shows

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