A small treck into a guy's head

Please come in, gigantic in it’s beauty.
Swirl above, blanketing me in white silk.
I lie inside, protected from the Earth;
Secure… resting from the uncertainty.

Comfort me now, I am a part of you;
Snuggling against your pillow-like texture.
Forgive me if I seem to take refuge,
Few have given me such adoration.

Days and weeks pass; I see there’s more of you.
Enough to see for a thousand lifetimes.
I am but one small speck on your figure,
Waiting to be plucked away at any time.

Hold me tight, for I feel I’m slipping through.
Clinging for life, I fight the gravity.
As unnoticed as a yawn or a sneeze,
I fall, racing towards the growing Earth.

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