Putting Life Into Perspective

After much hyped critical acclaim over the movie World Trade Center, I must say that for once the critics have finally done their job correctly. World Trade Center is a must see. Normally Oliver Stone movies are gory, political, and just downright vicious. However, World Trade Center doesn’t show anything unnecessary to tell the story of the two characters buried in the rubble that was once the World Trade Center.

Rather than go into a lengthy review, I’d rather go into what the movie ultimately made me think about. The two guys trapped in the rubble of the World Trade Center (WTC) both had loving wives back at home. Nicholas Cage’s character(John McLoughlin) stated that his wife had the kids, and he had the department (police department). Meaning, both he and his wife had parted ways long before. However, even with the strained relationship, McLoughlin gives his wife credit for keeping him alive during the ordeal.

Michael Peña’s character’s(Will Jimeno) wife was on the verge of a nervous breakdown at the very mention that her husband would not return. The love there was strong and was reinforced by several side scenes throughout the movie. After Jimeno is rescued, the only thing Jimeno and his wife could talk about was what to name their next child.

Seeing those two characters onscreen made me reflect upon my own life. I kept playing the “what if” game as I was driving home. What if I was buried in that rubble, or in some terrible car accident? Who would be there waiting for me in the emergency room pacing back and forth hoping I would make it? Anybody?

As much as I wish I could go it alone in life, I know I cannot. I crave companionship, loyalty, and encouragement. I do have a loving wife somewhere, and my only wish is that she were here right now.

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  1. U know the clan would be there for ya no matter what! but if you do end up in rumble make sure you sign the will over to me! jk

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