Punk Goes Crunk

This week I received an Amazon.com e-mail telling me of a new CD released called “Punk Goes Crunk”.

If you’re not familiar with the “Punk Goes…” series, there have been albums released called:

  • Punk Goes Pop
  • Punk Goes 80s
  • Punk Goes 90s
  • Punk Goes Acoustic
  • Punk Goes Acoustic 2

When I found out that “Punk Goes Crunk” was punk covers of rap songs, I had to at least check it out. Call this a guilty-pleasure purchase.

The lyrics are as bad as you expect them to be, but some of the covers are pretty cool.

Below are YouTube videos of two covers. Both have explicit lyrics, so be warned.

The Devil Wears Prada – Still Fly

Scary Kids Scaring Kids – Notorious Thugs

The Notorious Thugs cover definitely brought back teenage memories. Not sure if that’s a good thing 🙂

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