Public Prayer For Damon and Jill

It may be odd to see a public prayer on a blog. As odd as it may seem, I think the prayer is necessary so that I can get my thoughts out, and so that others can possibly join me. Keep in mind when praying that I am not talking to you; I am talking to God. I do have some links and quotes in my prayer so you can join in on the context. Please join me in prayer for my friends, Damon and Jill.

Some people may ask why bad things happen to good people. In reality, bad things happen to all people. You show no favoritism, and for that I am thankful. Christians suffer just as much as everyone else. We will never know why You choose to let certain people go through intense amounts of physical and emotional pain.

Lord, I pray for my friends Damon and Jill. Jill has been battling cancer for a while now. During our small group I heard about trips to doctors, the side-effects of chemotherapy, and other horrible experiences that Jill has had to go through.

For a while it seemed that cancer no longer worried Jill. She seemed okay. I was glad for her and Damon.

But tragic news surfaced a few weeks ago when Jill had to have surgery for a brain biopsy. It turns out that a tumor has either resurfaced or started growing. The tumor is classified as Grade 3.

Grade 3 and 4 tumors tend to grow rapidly and spread faster than tumors with a lower grade.

This Grade 3 tumor is of serious concern. Damon and Jill are together going to have to make a decision that nobody should ever have to make. The options (from my perspective) are not good. One one extreme, the entire right frontal lobe of the Jill’s brain may have to be removed. This will be combined with radiation treatment and chemotherapy. On another extreme, Jill and Damon may decide just to do nothing and live whatever life there is left together.

These two extremes and all the decisions inbetween shouldn’t be made by anybody. I am saddened, because Damon and Jill do not deserve this. I do not blame You, however. And I hope that Damon and Jill do not blame You.

I know that all things work out for the glory of You. In this case, I’m not sure how that works. I do know this: Jill is a strong woman and Damon is a strong husband.

Jill’s character is marvelous and she is truly a woman of God. Just looking at her, you wouldn’t know that she is going through such hardships. She listens to others’ problems as if they were the ones in need of healing. She is a selfless woman indeed.

Damon is a husband that all husbands should model after. He didn’t ask for any of this, but is willing to take it in stride and support his wife in a very loving and caring manner. I know he doesn’t take his wife for granted, and he seems to be trying to spend every free moment right next to his wife. I am constantly in awe by how much this man loves his wife.

God, you know the situation. You are completely sovereign in all things and if it is Your will, please allow Jill to be healed. I also pray that Damon will be comforted and supported by family and friends. I pray that Damon knows that he is not alone in this.

I pray for wisdom for Damon and Jill. Both of them have some tough inner and outward decisions to make. I pray Your wisdom is present in all of their decisions. I also pray for peace. Both of them need it.

I know that everything that happens is Your will Lord. I just pray that it is Your will that Damon and Jill enjoy a long prosperous life together.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  1. My prayers for you and your friends. I don't know why certain people have to leave us and even when it doesn't make sense, we still have to stand strong. This is a little kids book somewhat in your alley. I hope you enjoy it, 3rd grade, "My Life, My Dream, My Hope":

    2006 Reading Rainbow Contest Winners

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