Pitbull Nose Blowing

My sister took a video of some kids blowing into a Pitbull’s nose.

The result was that the mouth fluttered.

After you get over how gross it is to blow into a dog’s nose, the video is actually kinda funny.


  1. Eeeeaaaawwwww!!

    Get her to blow in your nose & see if your lips flutter!

  2. I tried the same thing with my cat’s nose. She wasn’t happy with me after that.

  3. Doesn’t suprise me. I own a cat, or more correctly, my cat owns the house & I just live there.

    • LOL! I have here a no breed kind of cat and dogs. We call it “askal” and “pusakal”. Its a slang word in our place for street cats and dogs. But we love them of course we don’t like to blow their noses. 😀

  4. I thought, he was going to sneeze!!!

  5. Never thought of that but it would have made a hilarious video!!!

  6. The dog does sneeze towards the end. You can hear my sister say “bless you”

  7. I didn’t catch that the first time but I did when I replayed the video.

  8. Hey,this is funny, I goona try my dog ,haha


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