Pet Peeves Around the Office

Various office peeves including people not making the coffee, gum chewers, and more.

Guy Admiring an Empty Coffee Pot

This post was written as part of Peeve Week 2: Work.

We all have pet peeves at our workplace.

Over time, I have noticed that some of my pet peeves are things I should simply “get over.” Workplace life became less stressful for me, when I learned this essential fact:

I am not your mother or father and I am not going to change you, cure you or fix you.

and Fact 2:

“Getting Over It” is harder than it looks.

Here are some pet peeves I have faced down just this last year.

1. Making coffee. We had a small cheapo coffee maker that served about 30 people. For some reason, each time, I went to get coffee it was empty. The last person didn’t make a new batch. Grrrrr. Then one day, I was in a hurry to get to a meeting, and I drained the last cup…so there, I thought. Over a process that takes, what, 2 minutes??!!?? My solution? I brought our gigundo coffee maker from home, the one we have just in case we ever have 50 people over for breakfast. Peeve solved.

2. Cleaning the microwave. I don’t use the microwave, but it seems to be in constant use around lunch time. Pot pies or whatever are boiling over, popcorn is being burned and no one seemingly has time to clean up after themselves. It grossed me out the one time I opened the door. My solution? I don’t open the microwave anymore.

3. Fast message leavers. Has this ever happened to you? Someone calls and leaves their number so fast that you can’t quite get all the numbers? Grrrr. My solution? I should slow up when I leave my number, and geeze, say it twice, puh-lease. And, here’s the deal I made—if I can’t hear your number, I simply will not call you back…doh.

4. Loud gum chewers. Grrrr. My solution? I get a tissue and reach up to the person’s mouth and say HERE SPIT THAT OUT. Oops. That is how I feel, not what I actually do…I simply chant to myself, I’m-not-their-dad-I’m-not-their-dad.

G.L. Hoffman is CEO and Chairman of LinkUp, an employment media company. He is a serial entrepreneur and a new venture investor/operator/incubator. He has been featured in FORBES as well as local business publications and newspapers. This article was originally published on his website: Pet Peeves Around the Office.

8 thoughts on “Pet Peeves Around the Office”

  1. How about the fridge? At my work we had a full size fridge – plenty of people put stuff in there but no one ever cleaned it out! It was gross! Some of us used to go in after a few weeks and just throw out all the old stuff, tupperware and all!

  2. Hi G.L. I know exactly what you mean when you talked about the last person who uses the coffee machine doesn’t make a a new batch. This can be extremely rude, and I hope at least sometimes it is made fresh for you.

    – Torry

  3. I find that a good espresso machine does indeed solve a few office peeves. Suddenly the workplace is clam again instead of everyone fighting over who going to use the pointlessly small coffee maker next. Workplace harmony can be found in a big espresso maker….

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