Personal Goals for 2008

My friend Vivien has once again inspired me, so I am going to list several personal goals I’d like to accomplish next year. Perhaps not all of the goals can be accomplished, but I’m sure willing to take a stab at it.

Intermediate Fluency in Spanish

I’ve been studying Spanish off and on for a year now. I got really serious about it back in July and have made great strides. I hope by this time next year I will have a very good grasp on the Spanish language.

Visit Mexico

I’d like to visit Mexico once this year and put my Spanish into action.

Pay Down 1/3 of my Student Loans

I’d like to pay a third of my student loans off in my quest to become debt free.

See More of Family

This year was a big year of firsts for me. I visited my dad in Austin out of the blue in June, and then visited some extended family for the first time in Thanksgiving. I’d like to see more of my family, learn more of my roots, and continue the Huereca heritage.

Quit Smoking for Good

I’ve struggled this past year with quitting smoking, and I’ve been somewhat successful with only a few relapses for a week or more. I’d like to declare 2008 a smoke-free year for me.

Grow More Christ-Like

I’ve struggled in this area, especially after my separation and divorce from my wife. Sometimes I wake up and think, “Why bother?” I want to get out of this rut and continue my journey to becoming more Christ-like and just being downright happy to be alive.


Thank you for reading my goals, and thank you Vivien for posting yours. I’ll post my blogging goals in a separate post soon.

5 thoughts on “Personal Goals for 2008”

  1. Good luck with achieving those goals, Ronald. They all sound very reasonable and accomplishable. (as for the last goal, everyone can take a very subjective or objective approach on what exactly that could mean…)

    I’m so lucky I don’t have any student loans to pay off. The only debt I am in is paying the mortgage on our house for the next 20 years or so. I’d surely love to pay that off sooner!

    Merry Christmas and Wonderful New Year to you!

  2. Thank you for posting your goals. I used them on a assignment in school. It’s so weird how we have the exact same personal goals. I love you, man!

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