Peeve Week 2

What really pisses you off? Is it relationship problems? Is it being stereotyped or labeled? Is it a horrible website? Is it work? Here are twenty five peeves that will be sure to irritate the hell out of you.


Girl Threatening to Throw a Laptop





Peeve Week Contributors

An extra special thanks goes out to all of the Peeve Week 2 contributors. You not only made Peeve Week 2 a tremendous success, but you helped give the blogosphere twenty-five awesome peeve posts. An extra extra special thanks goes out to Bes, Vivien, and Jess, who contributed a total of twelve posts combined to Peeve Week.

Thank you…

Peeve Week 2 Conclusion

I personally had a lot of fun reading all of the various Peeve Week 2 entries. I am thankful for the authors that did decide to participate, and am thankful that the readers didn’t mutilate me for the sudden onslaught of posts.

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