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Ronald Huereca

Is DepositIQ Worth It?

DepositIQ is a way for a renter to move in cheaper than paying a security deposit. Is it worth it? Not really.

Ronald Huereca


The following is a short story. Caution: language “What we’re talking about is a cheap and easy way to kill your enemies.” It certainly didn’t seem cheap, and it certainly didn’t seem easy. You see, I have what some would call a societal stigma. I’m fucked in the head, as some would put it. A

How Developers Feel Quoting Time

Begin phone call You: We have an urgent meeting and I need you here in 30 minutes. Me: I can be there in an hour. You: You live 30 minutes away. Me: Traffic conditions indicate a 45 minute drive, plus I need time to head out, and once I arrive, park. You: But I really need you

Uno & Friends
Guest Posts
Pauli Loeffler

Uno and Friends: Tips and Tricks

Uno and Friends will be ceasing in-app purchases June 30th and will be discontinued July 30th. Feel free to vent your frustrations on my post The Decline of Uno and Friends. Uno & Friends has released a new update, and I wrote an update to include Companions, Team Uno, and Uno Journey My article on

WordPress: Selectively Disable Plugin and Theme Editors, and Updates

Let’s face it, not all of us work in ideal situations. Some of us can create a site for a client, create only one administrator, and leave the client with lower privileges so that they are always at our mercy. Other times you decide to throw up Multisite just so the client can technically be

Introducing Slash Edit, My Latest WordPress Plugin

Programmers (can I call myself one?) have a tendency to be lazy. And laziness can result in a tool that may save a few seconds here and there, but by golly, those seconds matter! I work on a lot of client sites, and the themes are rather inconsistent with adding “edit” links for posts or

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