Announcing Reader Appreciation Week

Dear Readers, I’m happy to announce that I will participate in Reader Appreciation Week 2007 (RAW). I apologize if I haven’t shown enough appreciation to my readership. You are all awesome. Reader Appreciation Week will be from April 9th through the 13th. During this time, I will give away several prizes to my loyal and

I Think I Am

I came across a poem entitled I think I am? by my co-worker Lou Sciaroni. Just because I think I am Makes me even more a man But when I think that I am not I end up closer to I Am I made a lot of assumptions with my interpretation of the poem, but

Weekend Survey: What Doesn't Kill You…

I saw a t-shirt in the supermarket that said, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” I thought to myself, “I could make a better slogan than that.” So here’s mine: What doesn’t kill you makes you wish it did. For this Weekend Survey, please add in your own ending to, “What doesn’t kill you.”

Loyalty and Responsibility

A Scenario “I went to Barnes and Noble and couldn’t find my favorite magazine. I asked the clerk where the magazine was, and the clerk said the magazine went out of business.” “Your favorite magazine, eh? Why didn’t you subscribe?” “Subscribe? Are you kidding me? I have enough bills. I just read the magazine at

Hooray for Surprise Packages

When I got home last Thursday, I saw a UPS sticker attached to my door. My package was in the apartment office. I scratched my head and thought to myself, “I didn’t order anything, nor am I expecting anything.” I approached my apartment office building hesitantly, expecting the worst. It is a rather rare occasion

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