Microphone on stage
Ronald Huereca

10 Signs Your Karaoke DJ is a Douche

Please read the previous in this series: Tips for a New Karaoke Singer and Things a KJ May Not Tell You. Getting up there and singing Karaoke is hard. Do you remember your first time? It was likely very intimidating. But have you ever left a karaoke show and thought: “Wow, that KJ was a

Ronald Huereca

The Death Cat

Context I was chatting with a friend about my precious kitties. I mentioned all the cats I had and I mentioned Crystal. I said, “She is my death cat.” I said it kind of mocking myself and also being morbid. Death cat will have negative connotations and should be used in dark humor or sarcasm.


Another day, another set of pills. This is the life for the mentally ill. Chastised for not being normal, Like it’s our own fault we’re abnormal. A chemical imbalance is what they say. Suck it up, ignore, and it will all go away. We want the same. Perhaps not at first. But the mania and

Sing! by Smule Review
Ronald Huereca

Sing! by Smule – Review, Tips, and a Wishlist

Sing! by Smule is one of those apps I wish I had stumbled upon ages ago. I stumbled upon the app by accident. I was trying out beatbox type apps to test my non-existent rapping skills and Sing! was one of the recommended apps to try out during my search. It was “free”, so I

Suicidal Duckies!

My friend Pauli Loeffler recently recorded a bunch of duckies blocking traffic near the Edmond Dog Park.

User Experience Frustration
Ronald Huereca

Join the User Experience Revolution

This post is co-authored by Susan Simkins. Paul Boag, a well-known and highly respected user experience advocate, has just released a new book, User Experience Revolution. The book takes aim at systemic organizational issues that actively breed an anti-user culture, whether it is intended or not. What is User Experience? User experience encompasses the user

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