From October 6th through the 12th, it is Mental Health Awareness Week.

I recently came across an article by Bill O’Reilly of FoxNews that sheds a bad light on those with Mental Illnesses. He concludes that mentally ill people in the United States are out of control and are making America look bad.

Here is where the change comes in. It used to be these kinds of folks were kind of isolated. There isn’t a schizophrenic club or bipolar club. But now on the Internet there is the most horrendous stuff you can imagine readily available to anyone. In cyberspace there are no boundaries. The worst acts that human beings can perform are on display.

Therefore restraints are falling back and the fuse of mental illness is being lighted as troubled people see violent fantasies up close and personal. So we Americans and folks all over the world are going to see an epidemic of bizarre behavior in the future far more than we have experienced in the past.

The problem isn’t the Internet. Or fantasies. It’s the state of the mental health care system in the United States. It’s a joke. It takes weeks, if not months, to see a psychiatrist. Then when you finally go, they charge you so much and give you the most expensive medications.

Then there are the medical side effects, which are horrible. So some mentally ill people go off meds and stop seeing psychiatrists simply because of the cost of the care.

Mentally ill people in the United States (and worldwide) are already pariahs, and it’s not our fault. We’re not to blame for being mentally ill. It’s not something we wished on ourselves. I wish people would realize how hard being mentally ill is, treat it like a disability, and accept us for who we are.

Give us the proper healthcare, give us the proper treatment, and give us a low-cost way to get treatment and medication.

That’s my Talking Points memo, Mr. O’Reilly.