OH on Twitter and Facebook doesn’t necessarily mean Ohio. It can also be short for “overheard.” It’s a nice prefix to put before something that you overhear on occasion. Some are funny. Some are offensive. Some don’t make sense. Some we’re better off not overhearing.

I’ve rounded up most of the OH’s I’ve made on Twitter for your reading pleasure (or pain, whichever you prefer). Some of these are rather absurd, so read with caution.

OH: I don’t know how to get her there except give her an M&M.

OH: Children are forever. Cats you can eat.

OH: I have a three day weekend. On Monday it’s murder indigenous people day!

OH: Actually, all morning people should be sedated until 9 a.m.

OH: I’m out of fat jokes. Oh wait, there’s room for one more.

OH: don’t take responsibility for someone else’s failure.

OH: Man talking to a Woman – if you ever want to be a lesbian, let me know. I have inside information (no pun intended).

OH: If there’s a spork in the road, use it to “get’ a pic’a’nic ba s’ket”. “Yogi Bear, 1905”.

OH: I’m a Texas fan and even I can appreciate the ass kicking we recieved. Texas fans will be walking bowlegged for at least a year.

OH: Now where to buy a freaking stretcher?

OH: The fate of the world depends on the consumption of one nugget.

OH: or we can call it ^/wPress$

OH: So what if we fork WordPress and call it PalabraPress?

OH: I see you’re creating a database. Be careful not to drop it.

OH: I want Starbucks branded underwear. I want a skinny latte in my pants.

OH: I don’t want you anywhere near my wood

OH: don’t bring a spork to a knife fight

OH: it’s a good thing I’m not a girl because I’d be the biggest slut ever

OH: “You need a laxative for your brain.” “Wouldn’t that cause diarrhea of the mouth?”

OH: I’m an equal-age-opportunist.

OH: I think your addiction of eating nuts has gone too far.

OH: Person A – “I’d have to drink to Gamble.” Person B – “No, you’d have to gamble to drink.” Person C – “I just have to drink.”

OH: your mind is not only in the gutter, you own the gutter. In fact, you own the sewer under the gutter too.

OH: I’m about to be on the corner right about now.

OH: I pulled it out, can’t get it back in, so now I have to put it up.

OH: When you combine Slim Chickens and a fat asshole, someone’s losing an arm.

OH: It’s not laziness if you never intended to do it.

OH: Don’t touch my windy crack, and definitely don’t put your finger in it.

OH: Who’s the guy behind Craig’s list? – “Craig.” – Well I hate him!

OH: You have a lamp! I don’t have a lamp that can make dark!

OH: I didn’t give you the finger. I gave you half a peace sign and save the other half for later.

OH: The pilot is about to turn on “The plane is about to split sign.”

OH: I wish I were faking this.

OH: Religion is for nuts. Nuts are for squirrels. Therefore only squirrels should be religious.

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