New Potential Layout

Unless anyone has any very strong objections, this will be the new layout. It’ll be a month or so before I get all the coding and colors done, but it should be worth it. I took Pam’s advise and created something that kind of suits my personality.

I tried experimenting with creating other photo-realistic effects, but to no avail. Nothing was working. You can see my latest attempt if you like.

The layout isn’t perfect since I haven’t ported it over for the web, but this is a rough idea of what the site will look like.
New Ronalfy Layout

2 thoughts on “New Potential Layout”

  1. blah, Pams advice? hmmmm Pushed aside I see… lol… I like it. I would recomend a more interesting color but you did say it was to represent you…lol! Kudos! I love the glasses.

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