My Ultimate Second Monitor

I have a bad habit of playing Windows games on my Mac Book Pro (just because I love the keyboard/mouse set up for first-person shooters).

I had my dad take a video of me with my second-monitor setup.

I have my Mac Book Pro sitting on top of two dumbbells (for cooling) and a DVI/HDMI cable going to my LG TV as my second (and uber-awesome) monitor.

Please ignore the big belly (no, I’m not pregnant).

11 thoughts on “My Ultimate Second Monitor”

  1. Sweet setup (and set)! I’ve held off on buying a Wii or PS3 for fear I’d become addicted, quit cold turkey, and end up regretting purchase of a stand alone game system. I completely neglected to consider a Dual Core Pentium can run most games, with the HDMI output offering the same capability. Of course, no guarantee the blue screen of death won’t strike, but Windows 7 has been pretty stable so far… and with 52″ to play with, worth the risk. (btw, best $734 I ever spent on a TV; the Sam’s Club “As Is” section rocks!)

    P.S. prefer to think of my spare tire as a camel’s hump. All you skinny folks will be jealous if the food supply runs low!

  2. My monitor setup is one 28″ wide screen center and two 19″ 4X3 monitors to the left and right of the 28″. But I’m not a gamer, I’m a developer & designer and I often have all three monitors doing something at the same time.

    Usually I drop email on the left monitor, develop on the center & test on the right.

    1. Not too difficult.

      Just find a DVI/HDMI cable (they’re not cheap) and hook it into one of your HDMI ports on your TV.

      You’ll have to play with the display settings until you get it to look just right.

      For my gaming, I have Windows 7 loaded onto Bootcamp. I play games through Steam, with all the games loaded onto an external HD.

  3. It depends on your computer. If its a MAC or PC laptop you just buy the right video cable to go between your video out and TV. The right cable depends on what your TV and laptop are capable of.

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