My Troubles With Time Management

The following is my response to a group project regarding time management.

There’s the alarm again. And there I go hitting the snooze. And before I know it, it’s about thirty minutes until I’m supposed to be at work. I scramble to get some clothes on, brush my teeth, and rush out the door. I’m elated that I’m only five minutes late.

After work, I rush to the gym, do my weight routine, and go for my three-mile jog.

By the time I’ve taken a shower and eaten my dinner, it’s about eight o’clock. It’s almost time for bed. But I have blog posts to write, WordPress plugin bugs to debug, comments to reply to, feeds to read, and people to e-mail back.

I keep telling myself I’ll write some more posts on the weekend. But when the weekend comes, there’s a new movie out, and a six-pack of beer waiting in the fridge. I promise myself I’ll wake up early on Saturday and get some chores done and write a few posts. But the six-pack of beer did me in and I sleep well past my deadline.

As I recover from my drinking mis-adventure, I decide to play a video game or watch yet another movie. I decide to trouble-shoot a plugin bug, rather than write a post I’ve been promising for weeks.

There’s a million things I could be doing rather than sitting on my couch watching a movie with the Spanish sub-titles on. But I’m spent. And I’d rather relax on my weekend. But I also have obligations to meet. Can’t I find a happy medium?

I could work during the day, and play at night. But I’d rather sleep during the day, and play at night. What gives?

By the time Sunday has come around, the posts I’ve promised myself to write, I haven’t written. So while doing laundry, chores, and a host of other activities, I finally crank out a few blog posts. But I’m ashamed. And I tell myself, “Next weekend will be better.”

So let’s hope it is. Thanks for reading.

8 thoughts on “My Troubles With Time Management”

  1. Thanks for your entry, Ronald.
    You’re in a big trouble, young man. It’s for people like you and me I’m hosting this time management group writing project, to straighten out our time spending habits 🙂

    I actually remember the weekend that you spent on writing 12 posts for Devlounge series on plugin writing. That means if you really want it, you can get organized like no one else can.

  2. I do the same things but with a kid! You have plenty of time your just a slacker… Take a day off from the gym, get up when your alarm goes off, and quit drinking…. or get a girl pregnant and that will make give you more responsibility.. It’s funny how more responsibilities usually make you more responsible.

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