My Thoughts on September 11th

It’s been five years since September 11th, 2001. A lot has changed since that rather infamous day. The U.S. has committed troops into many countries, most notable of which is Afghanistan and Iraq. What once seemed like an invincible and untouchable country is now a vulnerable one.

In this post, I will go into my thoughts on September 11th from a historical perspective, a present perspective, and a future perspective.

Historically Speaking

I think back to what it must have been like around the thirties when Adolf Hitler slowly rose in power. I imagine that Americans didn’t even think of Hitler as a threat to their own security. Even after Nazi Germany invaded Poland and France, America just stood by and let the Nazis conquer most of Europe. It wasn’t until our own security was threatened did we enter the war.

The Japanese attacked a highly strategic position called Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. The objective of the strike was to cripple the naval power of the U.S., and prove that a small, “inferior” race could take on a Western country.

Back in the ’30s and ’40s, Americans knew who their enemy was. In the present, however, our enemies seem to change by the month. No longer does a country have to unite to fight the United States. All it takes is some individual or organization with enough contempt and anger towards our beloved country to disrupt American life.

What the Japanese did at Pearl Harbor to “awaken” the sleeping giant was simply attack a harbor in O’ahu. The Japanese were all one people then. The country and all the people within were completely united for the wagering of their war. The U.S. knew who its enemy was. Today, the U.S. does not know who the enemy is. The time has passed where a country can defend its security by taking down another country. Terrorists do not need a country to perform barbaric and war-provoking acts.

Support the Troops – A Present Look

September 11th was another “awakening” for the American people. Some like to compare the attacks to a modern Pearl Harbor. Unfortunately, the awakening seems to have woken up a drowsy giant, who started punching and kicking in all directions upon regaining consciousness. America simply doesn’t know who to fight, and rightly so. America has committed itself to two countries, where terrorism was, or is running rampant. Instilling democracy in Middle-Eastern countries is a bold objective, and hopefully in the long-run it’ll improve the world view of the U.S.

The Global War on Terrorism is a war on two fronts. On one front, the war is being fought were the terrorists eat and sleep. On the other front, the war is being fought at home with the opinions of the American people. It is rather unfortunate that a popular movement is sweeping the country that states that a person can support the troops, but not support the war.

In the past, not supporting the war would have been detrimental to our country. In fact, it was detrimental to our country and the men and woman who fought in past wars. The Vietnam War was highly opposed on the home front, but there was one key difference to that war and the wars the U.S. is fighting now: today’s military is an all-volunteer force.

The military, and the wars it fights, needs all the support it can get. The terrorists would like nothing better than a divided America. A country that does not support the military and the wars it fights is not supporting the foundation that this country has been built upon.

We Must Fight – A Future Perspective

Terrorists are extremely intelligent and very adaptive. They seem to be taking lessons from history and trying to gain power legitimately. Ironically, some of these terrorists are starting to gain power through democratic elections. History does repeat itself if one thinks back to how Adolf Hitler came to power. He and his followers tried to overthrow the government of Germany in the early 1920s. Only when Hitler gained power through democracy did Hitler finally achieve his dictatorship and bloodbath.

Terrorists will grow more organized and even attain power legitimately. It has already happened with the Hamas, the Hezbollah (to an extent), and even the Taliban. It is only a matter of time before a well-organized, supported, terrorist state emerges and severely threatens the American way of life. The U.S.‘s current strategy is to bring down those terrorist states before they are built. If support diminishes at home, however, then I am afraid that history will sadly repeat itself. The U.S. will ultimately grow less secure, and Americans and their freedoms will be jeopardized.

We live in a cruel, hateful world. The U.S. is the most financial and militarily sound nation on Earth right now. We won’t stay that way unless we fight for it.


From a historical perspective, September 11th was unprecedented. Never before had an enemy wagered such a successful attack upon America’s infrastructure. Unless we support our troops and the war, history will repeat itself. Americans must remain steadfast against an ever-growing threat against our national security.

If September 11th can remind us all that Americans are not invincible, and that we must fight to keep our sovereignty, then the lives that were lost on that infamous day were not in vain.

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