My Sister is Back From Iraq

Stephanie and Jacob
Tonight my sister arrived in the United States after roughly a year in Iraq. This was her second tour, and I’m glad to have her back in the relatively safer United States.

The first picture is my brother and sister in a gym where all the Soldiers entered upon returning to Fort Hood. The second picture is all of the Soldiers in the gym.

Soldiers Returning


  1. Truly an amazing moment to see the whole ceremony… I wrote a blog about it on my myspace !

    Well last night I went to pick my sister up at Ft. Hood,Texas as she returned home from the war in Iraq.. It was one of those once in a lifetime type of moments.. I waited a few hours in a gym packed full of people waiting for the soldiers to come home.. When they came into the gym the place went nuts.. The soldiers lined up and everyone sang the national anthem.. It was a pretty emotional moment.. I couldn't help but to look around and see all the families that have been separated for a year reunited.. It was so great to finally know my sister was home and safe.. but I couldn't help but to think about all the families that did not have their soldier return home.. My sister told me on the last day there two soldiers died on their last mission before returning home.. I could only imagine the hurt those families must have felt.. I think we owe so much to our soldiers and that moment when my sister came into the gym was such an overall emotional moment.. It was awesome.. Definately one of the best memories I will ever keep with me!

  2. Its so good to hear about our soldiers returning home safe. They are doing an excellent job.

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